Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dance Week

This is a busy week for the girls. Dance recitals are today and Saturday, and the girls are in multiple numbers. In addition to the recitals, there have been many hours of recital practice at the Reece Center. For the past two days we have been there from 4:30 till 8:30ish. We even having dinner there (at least as a family). The worse thing about all this practice there - no cell phone coverage, wifi, or internet inside the building. I was able to fill my time with conversation with other moms and a little reading, but Noel stayed some yesterday for me - he got a little bored I believe. Especially with NO PHONE COVERAGE! Thanks BABE!!

It has been a good year in dance. Both girls are in 2 classes each and have done a great job in all. Emily participated in 2 competitions this year - Dancemasters of Ohio and KAR. Their groups did great and received Silver at DMO and Top First & Top Line at KAR. Emily also competed as a solo at KAR and receive First Place. It was her first time to compete as a solo, and we are very proud of her. Hannah is hoping to compete next year in either pointe or ballet. This is also the first year we have let Emily perform in the group jazz number in the recital.

We are happy our girls love dance and enjoy making new friends in their classes. Mom and dad are ready to have our nights free.


Emily - tap solo

Emily - Junior Jazz (5th from the left - one in the green)

Hannah's Pointe Class

Hannah - Pointe

Emily - at tap competion (yes, I know how much makeup she has on!)

Emily's Tap Clas with their trophy from KAR

I know I do not have any from Hannah's ballet class, but it is had to pay someone else to do pictures when I do them myself.