Thursday, August 31, 2006


I am so excited about the MSU Bulld0gs playing tonight! I was just looking at the stadium webcam and got a little misty thinking about all the games I attended during college. You know cramming those 4 yrs into 6. I know every year I have do endure the endless abuse of my husband about how bad we are, and making fun of our coach. I don't care. I love the DAWGS and I will never stop pulling for them. I wish the DAWGS all the luck this season. I will be watching for my brother, who will be at the game. Mom got him season tickets for his bday. By the way - HAPPY 22nd JOEY! Present will be in the mail soon. I am including a clip of our fight song so click on the logo and maybe it will work. If not click here. Please yankeeville carry SEC sports, because they are the best. Here is to a great football year, and maybe we can wrap it up in Maroon and White. (I put that in just for you Noel)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Coming Soon to a theatre near you!!!

Everyone should see this movie!! Rarely do you have a movie you can carry the entire family to the movie and not be embarrassed. Thankfully it is coming to Columbus. Noel and I were able to see it at the SBC Convention this summer. This movie is brought to by the same church who did "Flywheel", which is also an awesome movie. Noel said he liked it better than the Passion movie. There is no bad language in it either movie. You will laugh. You will cry. I can not stress how important it is to see this movie on opening weekend. If you like Georgia football Mark Richt makes a cameo apperance as himself. You can find out more info about this movie at I cannot say it enough - GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fiesta 2006

I know I am slow at posting pics from VBS. We had a great turn out with our highest day of 149 kids. Everyone had a great time, and a big thanks to all who volunteered and worked hard getting everything together. The kids favorite things were shouting "VIVA!" and seeing Noel and Pastor Wally receiving a pie in the face. Sam you did a great job. I am thankful VBS is only nce a year. Here are some pics from the week.

What's in a Name?

I was checking out a friends blog, and she had posted why she chose the name of her blog. There are some straight to the point and other you wonder where they got that. Mine, endearing as it seems, is oddly enough our last name. Yes, I do get the comments on how sweet it must be to have this last name. Our former pediatrician loved it. You can join the others by adding your reason behind your blogging names at Chelsea Morning blog.

P.S. Here's a shout out to the the Dawg Fans out there. Beat the Gamecocks.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

What is this?

Here is a picture I took on vacation. Can you guess what it is?

For the Beggars and Complainers.

It has been busy around the Dear house lately. Here is a quick synopsis of vacation.

  • Greenbrier - Wonderful time. I got to wear my new dress and shoes. The resort was beautiful. In the short time we were there I tried to absorb the history and think of all the people that had been there in the past 200 some odd years. All the presidents, dignitaries and movie stars that have vacationed there. We were sad that we did not get to see the underground bunker. They were getting it ready to reopen after we were there. It is neat being somewhere that requires a dress code. We got to eat dinner in the main dining room, which was fabulous. Maybe a dance or two was had, but being Baptist I will plead the fifth. I would recommend going once in someone's lifetime. We can now saw we are part of the history at The Greenbrier. If you do get to go, try the chocolates.

  • Myrtle Beach - Getting to the beach we had to take the scenic trip thru Alabama. We received the news will at the resort the Papa Jim's mom had died. We were to pick the girls up in Greenville, SC, but due to the death we had to drive to AL to get the girls. We had put 2000 miles on our car before getting to the beach. Noel and I were tired of driving. We were happy to get our girls back. They had a great time getting to see Nana, Papa Jim, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Todd, Taylor, Noah, Olivia, Zoe, Grandnana, and who knows else. We were all ready to see the beach, since we had not gone in 2 years. We finally arrive there on Saturday night. Our days were spent either at the beach or pool. We played Monopoly Jr. and Uno. Noel and I decided upon recommendation by Jeff to watch 24. So we started with season 4. I think we finished the entire season in about 2 1/2 days. We are definitely fans now. We were excited to be back in the land of she crab soup, Chick-fi-la, Krispy Kreme, crab claws, and Little River Deli. All I can say about Krispy Kreme is 3 words HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW!!! Noel did get to play golf, and I shopped. We just had a great time doing nothing. As I mentioned in the earlier blog, Hannah was an adventurous eater on this trip. She tried fried alligator (I did as well), raw oysters eaten on a cracker with cocktail sauce, wings, and ribs. Emily was not so adventurous except in enjoying ice cream and doughnuts. Emily did become a better swimmer and learned to boogie board. So all in all we did have a great vacation and we are thankful for our church for letting us be gone for 2 weeks. Miles on the car 3200. So here is our picture of "we got to go to the beach and you didn't".

So I hope my blogging fans are happy with an update. I will try to update more often. If you start complaining again I may be forced to put up the above picture again.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Quick update

Sorry for the delay of updates. After vacation we hit the ground running of getting ready for vacation bible school. I hope to give you more detail and pics of vacation soon.

So here is a brief synopsis of vacation -
  • week with no children - quiet
  • Greenbrier Resort - wonderful, #1
  • 2000 miles on the car before we get to the beach - LONG car ride
  • Myrtle Beach - fun, fun, fun
  • our new favorite TV show - 24

Once VBS is over I will have a little more time.