Friday, May 26, 2006

Gym Show

Last night was the girls gymnastics show. Picture 6 different classes doing their skills on different apparatuses at the same time on the hottest day in Ohio this year. We were glad the girls were at the same time on the same day but trying to watch them both was a little difficult. But all in all Hannah and Emily did a great job. They have improved from last year. Hannah can do a pull over, cartwheel, and many other things. Emily can do a front flip and back flip, while having fun, as well as other things. We are very proud of our girls.

Now we can look forward to the marathon dance recital practices. :\

Monday, May 22, 2006

Here's Hannah's Dance Picture

Sunday Hannah's Dance pictures were taken. Since Emily's turned out so cute, I took Hannah's picture the same way. Oh, and by the way, Hannah's recital has been moved again back to Wedesday. So, 2 glorious nights of dance recital. :
17 days till Grammy arives!! :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

This is one phrase is have been enjoying to here for the past 7 years. The girls were so excited about Mother's Day. Noel had carried them earlier in the week to work on my present. They were so funny when they came home. I tried to get some info out of them, but all they would say is you have to wait. They wouldn't even tell me where they ate lunch. I thought I could get some information out of Emily, but she would budge.

Due to the business of Noel on Sundays, we celebrated on Saturday. The girls made breakfast in bed for me as well as giving me their presents. They had made a beautiful necklace and watch with the help of Jackie Chico for me. I couldn't wait to wear them on Sunday, of which I did. It was just a nice day of doing what I wanted to do. Noel and the girls cooked all the meals, and even cleaned the kitchen. It is such a blessing to have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful girls who love their mom. Noel also gave me a great present as well, an itunes gift card. To some that may not seem exciting, but I wanted some new tunes for my ipod. I don't workout without it.

This weekend all in all was a nice relaxing weekend of just hanging around the house, and not having to be anywhere except to go to church.

Update on dance recital info - Finally received the schedule of recital performances - they are both on the same night! :) !!!!!! And to boot mom will be here to see both of the girls dance. Counting down the days till moms arrival - 23 and counting!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Hannah has requested these pictures of her golfing to be put on the blog. Noel is enjoying to get to play golf almost once a week. What do you think Hannah the next female Tiger Woods?

Oh, by the way these pictures were taken by Noel's new toy - Treo phone with email, video, and picture capability. Now I can bug him all the time with my email. As a friend calls it the electronic leash.

Here is an additional post from Hannah:
Yesterday I played golf with daddy. I had fun. I did pretty good.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dance Pictures

As I said yesterday, Emily had dance pictures. Hair did great, and who how excited was Emily to get to go get her "makeup" done. She did not want to wash it off. Here are some pictures from the day. Ashley I know you will like the costume. She was the cutest girl in the world(as is Hannah).

Friday, May 05, 2006

"you want how much more?"

  • May is a busy time of year. School is coming to a close and end of year recitals are starting to happen. We have 2 recitals to attend this year. For the first time the girls will be in a gymnastics show as well as their ballet recital this spring. So do you know what that means? - 2 costumes per girl plus pictures. We were at Emily's ballet practice yesterday, and we received our costumes for the recital and oh by the way pictures are tomorrow. Where is Angela Furgerson when I need her? I feel sorry for the mom's that have to work and then be at dance pictures after work with their little girl with their hair and makeup done. So our morning started early with me rolling Emily's hair. I don't know what to expect when Hannah's costumes come in. I am just praying they both do not need their hair rolled for the recital. I would like to say thanks to Donna Marie for working at the Estee Lauder makeup counter so we can get Emily's makeup done due to the fact that the colors Ms. Joan wants I do not wear. So the next few week of our lives are being filled with dance and gym recitals, pictures, school, and swimming lessons. I am just hoping we will get to fit in some family time in there.
  • Last Sunday the girls were in the children's choir performance of "Father Know's Best". All the kids did a great job. Ms Deb, Laura, and Donna Marie did a wonderful job putting it all together. You can see pictures of the performance on the church's website. This is the first one in a while I have not been a part of. It was a nice break.
  • I don't know who is looking forward to summer more me or the girls. We are all ready to go to the beach!!! I am excited about Noel and I going to the SBC Convention in North Carolina this year. Especially just to have alone time, while my mom flies in to keep the girls. Yes, you heard is correctly - my mom is getting on an airplane!!!! I am excited to see my mom as well. We have not seen her since August and we are counting down the days. While she is hear we are hoping she will get to see the girls dance recital, and she will also get to be here for Hannah's baptism.