Saturday, September 30, 2006

She Finally Lost It!!!

Friday morning was an exciting day at the Dear home. After weeks of wiggling, praying, and letting no one touch it Emily's tooth finally fell out. I am just thankful she did not swallow it. We have had several people offer to pull it, but she said she just wanted it to fall out. The tooth immediately went into the bag of the tooth fairy doll and she was awarded with the giant payout of $1 this morning. She was ready to spend it, but Hannah, the saver in the family, convinced her to wait. I guess this is one of many steps to her growing up into a lovely young lady.
If you cannot figure out which one fell out, it is the one on the bottom. She has the gap like her mom and sister. Sorry girls.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My New Indulgence

My new favorite thing - Mani/Pedi. Some WONDERFUL people gave me a gift certificate for one and I LOVED IT!! Sitting there for an hour without anyone bothering you. Who could complain? I have had many manicures in the past before, which I always enjoy, but never a pedicure. Only complaint, OSU playing on the TV. I could get use to getting one of these everyweek. Maybe my wonderful husband would let me get one maybe once a month. I definitely beats doing your own french manicure at home. By the way Sally Hansen French Manicure pen is #1. For all you moms out there treat yourself with this at least once in your life.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Day at the Zoo with Jenny and Ashley

We were so excited to get to see Jenny and Ashley a couple of weeks ago. For those who do not know them Ashley is our former children's minister from AL and Jenny is her sister. The girls love them and we do to. Ashley is now working in Louisville, KY so it is easier for us to get to see her. Jenny came to visit her and they drove up and met us. We took them to the Columbus Zoo. It was a nice day for the zoo. They were amazed how nice the zoo is. We are very fortunate to have great zoo in Columbus. Ashley and Jenny had been to the zoos in Atlanta and Birmingham and commented how much better the Columbus one is. In Bham half the animals are laying on concrete slabs, and in Atl the animals are in their "natural" habitat, but you really do not get to see them up close like you do here. Emily had fun, because she had to have her picture taken with all the sculpture. Most of the animals were active the day we were there. The lion roared, the grizzly was playing in the water, a kangaroo jumped by us, and a cute little gorilla was playing next to the window and reacting to us standing there. It was just a great day with our friends and was capped off with dinner at Cheesecake Factory and ice cream at Graeters. We hope Ashley and family will get to see us again soon.

Lemonade for Missions

I know Noel has already talked about the lemonade stand, but here is the picture of the girls waiting for their first customer. They had a great time serving lemonade. Hannah was in charge of the money and Emily the ice. We had many people stop buy. Thank you to all the church members who came by. The money the girls earned went to Michael and Jonathan George's mission trip to Kenya. We were out there for about 2 1/2 hours. Hannah did not want to come in because she want to get more money for the mission trip. They were very excited about having the stand. They raised $65 for their hard work and are asking when they can do another one. We ask everyone to pray for Michael and Jonathan. They leave on Sept 20th and return on Oct 3rd. Also pray for our team goingto the Ukraine as well during this time. It is exciting to see people in our church to get out of their comfort zone to go and witness to people around the world. Our pray is to become an Acts 1:8 church.