Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Carr Family

Friends of ours from Florida just adopted another child from China. This time it was a deaf girl. Pray for this family as they adjust to another child in the family as well as another deaf child. Here is the link to their story Be sure to watch the videos with tissue in hand.

Congrats Johnny, Beth, Heather, Jarred, James, and Xiaoli!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Tale of the Toilet

As many of you know the new home we bought was a foreclosure. Foreclosures in many instances are not in good shape, but thankfully not too much was wrong with this house. The only problem we have consistently been having is a toilet in the master bath not flushing correctly. I was thankful it was not the guest bathroom. We would have to plunge it every time we flushed. It was very frustrating. We thought we may have to call a plumber, take the toilet up, or check our homeowners insurance to see if it would be covered. I just wanted it fixed. All the other toilets worked great.

Yesterday my dear hubby bought a toilet auger for one last shot of trying to fix it before taking it up or calling a plumber. The auger brought final success!! You would not believe what was stopping up our toilet - a nose hair trimmer! We guess the former owner or child of owner must have flushed it, why I don't know, but now our toilet flushes. The plunger can now take up residence in the basement.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

This my 9th year of getting to enjoy being a mom. I know my oldest is not 9 yet but is was in March of 1998 that we got the wonderful news that I was going to mom. It was a day that my dear hubby and I could not believe had finally arrived, to get to hear the words, "you're pregnant!". The years leading up to that moment were very hard with many tears and prayers wondering if I would ever get to hear those words. It was very hard to enjoy Mother's Day wondering if i would ever be a mom.

Every year I say a pray for those women who want to be moms, but for some reason it has not happened. It is important to remember these women, because this day is hard for them. They may still have their mom and celebrate her, but in their heart they are longing for someone to call them "MOM".

I am so thankful I am a mom. I am thankful for 2 little girls who brought me breakfast in bed and like me being their mom. I just pray I will be the example to my girls my mom was to me - to love God with all your heart and trust Him for everything.

So, Happy Mother's Day to my mom and thank you for all you have done for me. I love you. Also Happy Mother's Day and thank you to Rita for raising a wonderful son who chose me.
Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a mom!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Enjoying breathing room

As I write this post I am sitting in our new living room with the marvelously painted bordeaux walls. This is the first night I am not packing, unpacking, or painting. Tomorrow we move the last of our stuff from the rent house (a big thanks to all who will help). We have been living in our new home since Monday, and working on getting everything out of the old into the new. Where did all of this stuff come from? Tonight we got to enjoy our first cooked meal at home. I was able to get some boxes unpacked to be able to see the counter and the table. There are so many boxes and I have no idea when they will get all unpacked. The girls keep asking me when I will paint their room, but I just keep telling them when I get to it. There is a thing called clothing that we need, and I am not sure if I can find them all.

The girls are excited about sleeping in their own rooms. Hannah is taking pride in her room and keeping it just so. I just pray this last a LONG time! Emily is a different story. This is the first time for the girls to have their own rooms. I am just excited not to have a share a bathroom with the girls, but I guess I do have to share with my dear hubby. We are just so thankful to God for allowing us to find and purchase this home.

The only down side of this week is that Emily and I have both been sick. She even had a trip to the doc. I think we just have a cold or our allergies have kicked in. So add being sick to being tired and sore from the moving, I am just ready to be done and get back to "normal".

We do hope to start having people over soon, but currently we are just enjoying having breathing room. Maybe I will try to post some pictures of our home soon.