Monday, February 25, 2008

A few notable things

Last week has been a little crazy with hubs coming home, basketball, Awana grand prix, etc.
  • Awana Grand Prix - this was Hannah first adventure into the world or making a car to race it. I let hubs take over in this area except I did help in the naming of the car. She was soooo excited about this, and little did we know how excited when it became actual race day. I was thankful hubby was able to be there. It was originally the week before when he was out of town, but thanks to a "little" snow it was postponed til this past week. I had to rotate between Emily racing her Hot Wheels car in Sparkys and the BIG ONE. Sadly I think I missed Emily's little race. Hannah car - THE BEDDAR CHEDDAR - performed well. It came in 2nd and 3rd in all its races. The one thing she most wanted was the Novelty Award. There were 3 divisions in which you could win something -- the actual race, car design, and novelty car. Guess what - she won 1st in novelty. Oh you should have seen her face. You would have thought Ed McMahon had shown up and given her a giant check. Hubby just want everyone to be afraid for next year. We will give Jim Prater a run for his money.

  • UPWARD Basketball - one word for you OVER!!!! It was a good year with great coaches. Hannah is learning some good fundamentals of the game. She had a great last game with 6 points. Emily made 3 baskets this entire season and SADLY I missed everyone of them because of the trasporting Hannah to her games. THANK YOU Hubby for taping her score in the last game.
We are just happy hubby is home. Maybe if I remember I will take a picture of the sign we held up at the airport. We did get someone asking if hubs was in the service. I said no, but that he was on a mission trip. The man did say that was good too. I don't know if hubby will post this picture or not, but here is the little boy named after him in Kenya. Many of you heard of the story last night about that came to be. Hubby was able to do a baby dedication there and able to lead the father to Christ during the dedication. The mom was already a believer. After the service they changed the baby's name to my hubby's name. So he now has a little African spiritual son. You should have heard the entire church awe over that.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Dear hubs is FINALLY home!!! About 10:05 we saw him walking down the terminal. The TSA lady would not let us go beyond the red line but we got close. We had our signs and could see him grinning a mile away. It is could to have him back home and with presents!!

I have looked at some of the pictures and can't wait to hear all the stories.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coming Home

They are will be home TODAY!!! They were able to catch an earlier flight and hopefully be home earlier. This will probably require some moving around of some things, but I don't care - I WANT TO SEE DEAR HUBBY!!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Look what is coming!!!!

Oh the joy what is coming our way!! I'll take a grande mocha frappaccino light!

Check this out

One of Hannah's assignments in school was to do a Valentine's Acrostic. Check it out here. You can see more of here work there as well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Look what I got!

Look what was waiting for me when I got home today! Thank you dear hubs - I LOVE YOU!!

Still doing ok

We are still missing dear hubs. He will be home is less than a week!! We are planning on meeting him at the airport. They are doing well. The girls got a postcard from him when he had a layover in London. That was fun. I guess you need to do something to kill a 9 hour layover.

We have had a messy couple of days, but they have been nice and relaxing at home. Since we homeschool, we don't nessecarily get a snow day. I did not teach piano yesterday or take anyone to basketball or ballet. We ate brownies and watched American Idol in front of the fire. Fun times!! Only thing missing - dear hubs.

Yesterday was a nice surprise. Two of my neighbors came over and shoveled my driveway. That was fabulous. I had thought about doing it and could have, but thank you Peter and Todd!! Maybe I can bake them some cookies or something.

Oh, I almost forgot. An exciting thing happened when we got home from church Sunday afternoon. It was sooooo windy, it blew our grill OFF the deck! As many of you know we don't have a wimpy grill - Hubs, Master of the Grill! Another thanks to neighbors with teenage boys! Hopefully the grill is ok. Hubs will have to check it out when he gets home.

Remember you can check up on hubs at his blog. Updates are not often, but I did put up something today.

Later peeps!

p.s. why is spell check not working?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

We're doing OK

Many of you have asked and wondered, but so far the girls and I are doing ok. We are just trying to stay busy as if we are not already. Today was exciting. We went to the Midland to see Cinderella's Mice and then on to Coco Key. Now, that was alot of fun. The girls had friends there and had a great time. I also had fun hanging out with the homeschool moms and enjoy adult conversation. If you have not been to Coco Key it is alot of fun! Maybe we can have a class party there?

Dear hubs is ok - I just miss him! As I type he is in the air on to Nairobi.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lil' Dears Big Day

Sunday was very exciting day Emily. When she woke up she could not wait to be baptized. She told me she didn't want to do anything except get baptized. It was an exciting for all the family. Dad got to do the baptizing, mom took the pics, and Hannah was excited to give her mission offering for Kenya. Also, for those wondering, I did not fall this time.
We let Emily choose the restaurant for lunch - Red Lobster. Her favorite for popcorn shrimp.

Monday, February 04, 2008


In honor of hubs 40th birthday, I thought I would share 40 places/states he has taken me.

1. Mississippi
2. Anniston, AL
3. Savannah, GA
4. Atlanta, GA
5. Augusta, GA
6. Charleston, SC
7. Jacksonville, FL
8. Panama City, FL
9. Gatlinburg, TN
10. St. Augustine, FL
11. DisneyWorld
12. Myrtle Beach, SC
13. New Orleans
14. Salt Lake City, UT
15. Las Vegas, NV
16. Grand Canyon
17. Phoenix, AZ
18. Nashville, TN
19. Memphis, TN
20. Dallas, TX
21. San Antonio, TX
22. Cincinnati, OH
23. Cleveland, OH
24. Lynchburg, VA
25. Toronto, Canada
26. Cancun
27. Birmingham, AL
28. Lexington, KY
29. Auburn, AL
30. The Greenbrier (WV)
31. Niagara Falls
32. New York City
33. Washington, DC
34. Greensboro, NC
35. Hoover Dam
36. Columbia, SC
37. Buffalo, NY
38. Greenville, SC
39. Indianapolis, IN
40. He has given me the world, and I will go anywhere as longs it is with him!