Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Girls Weekend

This past weekend Emily and I traveled to Cleveland for her dance competition. We decided that we would be the only ones to go since Noel and Hannah would get to see her in Columbus in a few weeks at another competition.  We left out on Thursday afternoon because she was dancing early on Friday morning. We also went thru Chick-fi-a on the way up for dinner and to try the new banana pudding milkshake - as Emily put it - "it was a life-changing milkshake"

Most of the dance families stayed at the same hotel and travel over together. The girls could hang out at the pool.  I felt safer staying where people I knew were, since it was just the 2 of us. 

If you are not aware of what is involved in getting ready for dance competition - you have to get there 1 hour before your dance time, and there is a lot of makeup and hair spray involved.  We had early mornings both days of competition.  She was a little nervous, but we prayed the night before and the day of with her dad over the phone.  She knew her dance, and I just wanted her to go out and have fun and do the best she could do and be happy with her performance.  She did great! She smiled and look great.  Another mom was sitting with me while we were waiting for our daughters to dance.  I think both of us were about to throw up waiting for them. It was the biggest stage she had danced on by herself.  When awards were called out she received High Silver and that qualified her for nationals in Orlando.  We were very happy for her, and she was pleased. 

That afternoon she participated in the scholarship auditions for the 7-9 year old age group. They have them in all the disciplines, but she just did tap.  She had never done them before, but we decided to try them out.  She was in there with around 30 other dancers.  They learned a short routine and then had to do 2 steps down the floor followed by a pose.  We were not allowed in there and had to sit outside and wait.  Several of the other girls from our team competed that day as well. Emily was the only one in the youngest group.  We did not know how she did until the next afternoon.  She just told me it went well.

That night we went out to dinner where they had giant meatballs. She was very excited to eat there, and then we were able to find her Easter dress and found some fun nail polish at Sephora to paint our toes that night. 

Saturday morning was another early day getting ready for the group dance.  Ms. Joan wanted the girls there so they could go over their dance together.  We busy getting all the  jewelry handed out, making sure all the bows were in the same place on the costumes, and getting pictures taken.  It was a flurry of activity backstage.  I was not feeling well that morning, because the cold that the family had the beginning of the week had decided to attack me.  All the girls were ready to go.  They did a great job, despite the early morning.  We had to wait about 3 hours till awards. We watched the other dances and waited.  I wanted to go back to bed. 

Dances were over and it was time for awards.  They called the scholarships out first, and to Emily's surprise she received 3rd place in tap.  She was shocked and could not  believe it.  She won $25.  Only 2 other girls from our group won a scholarship award.  Next up were judges special awards, and our group received "Tops in Taps".  Again they were all surprised and happy.  Then they called out the rest of the awards, and our group received High Silver and qualified for nationals.  Great job girls!! Ms. Joan was happy. 

Emily and I had a fun time together. We acted a little silly and would do it all again.  We did miss Noel and Hannah.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dancing Queen

We have entered the time of year where we are preparing for dance competition season.  There are extra practices and dealing with stressed and worried dance instructors.  Emily's tap class is entering their 3 season of competition, and Em's second year doing a solo.  We head to Cleveland this weekend for some mom and daughter bonding over makeup and hairspray.  Noel and Hannah are staying at home this time, but they will get to see her dance in Columbus at another competition.  Emily is a little nervous for her solo, but I know she will do a great job. She has a cute dance, and her personality will shine.  It will be her first time on a bigger stage and being at Dancemasters in Cleveland.  I am just praying I do not forget anything.  We will enjoy our weekend hanging out with the other dancers and dance moms, but the only thing I do not enjoy is seeing some of the inappropriate dancing by young girls in clothing that shows too much.  Thank you Joan for tasteful clothing and dancing! Good Luck to the Garrett Dance Competition teams and dancers.

This time of year other things are ramping up to the end of the school year.  If we can survive till the end of April, all will be well.