Friday, June 17, 2011

Phoenix/Sedona 2011

This past week hubby and I were happy to represent our church at the annual Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix. We had a great time having couple time away from our girls even though we missed them terribly.  They did have fun hanging with grandparents.  We enjoyed the preaching and the different sessions we attended.  On Mondays they have a special session for the pastor's wives during the pastor's conference.  I always enjoy the panel discussion, and this year Kay Warren was our special speaker.  Tuesday, I attended the Minister's Wives Luncheon and was able to be a table hostess.  Our music was provided by Kim Hill and the speaker was Lisa Harper.  I had a wonderful time meeting other wives from across the country from LA, GA, MS, VA, AL, and Hawaii.  I was even privileged to have Marilyn Foley the wife of Univ. of Mobile's president at my table.  We all had a lovely time, and thankful for the sponsors who gave us nice gift bags.

During our time there we were able to connect with many of our friends who are in the ministry.  I was able to meet Lynette Ezell the wife of NAMB president and fellow adopting mom.  She is so sweet and happy to be encouraged by her.  Hubby was able to meet Russell Moore and his wife of whose book we have read and recommended to so many people. 

Thank you church for allowing us to go and be refreshed, and enjoy some time away.

 us halfway up Schnebly Hill Road in Sedona

At the Schnebly Hill Vista - and yes we drove up to this view. Sadly pictures do not do it justice

Church in the Rock

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Time to Dance

I never thought this day would come. Our dossier is finished and on it's way to home office in Virginia before heading to China or DTC(date to China). It should leave for China by Friday. A lot of work and stress has gone into preparing all that paperwork, but It will be worth it. Getting it ready in the last couple of weeks has felt like labor. I was happy to send this Fedex package without a return envelope in it.

Now we wait for our log-in-date or LID as it is called. My prayer is that it somehow makes it to the top of the pile and is done quickly. Once that is done, we will then be moved from a paper-chasing family to a dossier family and able to get a referral. We are anxiously waiting for that day.

Keep praying for "Allison" and that we will know her soon.