Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Our family would like you wish yours a Happy New Year! May you use this year to be more for God than you were this past year.

I will post some new pictures soon.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

the drought has ended

Finally a winning season for the DAWGS!!! I was able to watch the last half of the game, and WE WON!!! Hooray for State!! As Coach Croom said, "It wasn't pretty, but we just wanted more points than them in the end."


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I pray everyone had a safe and happy Christmas. The dear was full of fun and excitement. The girls had a great time playing and hanging out with mom and dad. It was really a fun day of doing nothing but family time. Our goal is to try to do more of that this coming year. We all enjoyed what we got in our stockings. I got a truly wonderful surprise in mine but you will have to wait till later to find out what it was. Overall the Dears had a great Christmas and I am sad to take down all the decorations. Do you think if I leave them up anyone will notice?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Joyeux Noel

Welcome to my home and too the BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes 2007! I am so excited to show you how I decorated my home for Christmas this year. With our home being new I had to do some rearranging of garlands and bows and lights.

If you are interested in having some snacks, I do probably have some available because I have entered the season of baking. I will have no less than at least 4 or 5 get togethers at my house this month. So far I have made 2 batches of fudge, red velvet bonbons, cakes, and various other items. (I think I will need to hit the elliptical machine soon with all the baking) One item I am looking forward to making is the bacon things over on Pioneer Woman's page. They look scrumptious! Dear hubby loves this time of year so he can sample.

Ok enough chit-chat. Here is my home for Christmas.

This is was our first big snow of the year. I do have one more item added to my yard since I had taken this picture. I will add it soon.

Here is my "fancy tree" as I call it. It nothing but white and silver ornament and all different kinds of snowflakes I have collect all over the country. This is also the tree you see from outside.

This is our railing along the stairway. It is the first time I have ever had a railing I could decorate. I would love to add light to it, but I did not want have an unsightly extention cord. I think I may invest in some battery powered lights next year.

Here is our Family Tree. I was so excited to finally have a real tree after three years of having an artificial tree. Our tree is a snapshot of where our little family has traveled over the years. When we go on a trip I will usually try to collect an ornament from that area. It is usually an angel, but sometimes it may just be unique. I have ornaments from as far north as Niagara Fall, to Mexico, to California and to South Carolina. I have several ornament from Myrtle Beach since we go every year and visit my favorite store "Christy's Christmas". We also do have ornaments represent our respective college football teams we pull for. Yes, you to see our angel sitting on the floor. Our tree goes all the way to the ceiling and dear hubby has not trimed the top to where I can put here up there. She is a beloved angel. It was one of the first decorations I purchased our first Christmas. She was a little damaged during our fire several years ago, but she still works. I think she represents all of us. We may have been damaged from events in our past, but we can brush ourselves off and still work for God.

This is my newest ornament and prized ornament. This was a surprise gift from dear hubby. After Christmas last year we went to Cincinatti for a little overnight getaway. While I was getting ready to go home dear hubby went out to do a little shopping. There was a Tiffany store near our hotel. So, he went to try to pick up a little something for me and came back with a little blue box. This is what was inside. I absolutely love it, and I couldn't wait to put it on my tree this year.

Here is the girls tree. It has usually been in their room when they shared one, but now it is in the upstairs hallway. This is also the first year I let them decorate it. It mostly consists of gingerbread ornament, ornaments they have made, and Barbie ornament Nana has giving them.

Here are our Jesus trees. It is a set of 3 tree that we put our Proclamation Ornaments on. The girls put on one ornament a day counting down till Jesus' Birthday. Each ornament has a word proclaming something about Jesus. One side has a verse from the Old Testament proclaiming Him and on the other side has a verse from the New Testament where it was fullfilled. One Christmas Day we put the Jesus Banner on, on the the tallest tree at the top. It has been enjoyable this year because Emily can help read the verses. Also enjoyable is answering the question "What is a virgin?"

Here are our stocking hung by the chimney with care. This is also the first time we have been able to do this as well. I took a cool picture with the fire all aglow, but I was too blurry. I just love looking at it at night.

Last but certainly not the least - Our Nativity. This was another gift from dear hubby a couple of years ago. I love it so much and such a prized possession I leave it up all year long. There are a couple of sheep missing one due to a former cat who knocked it off and broke it leg and could find it, and the other was used in a church performance and has not made it back to its place.

I hope you enjoy your tour of my Christmas home. I have red velvet bonbons and fudge if you would like to visit. But please call before you come.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Goal for next year!

Do you think I can get dear hubby to help me do this next year?

On a side note dear hubby is taking me to the TSO Concert in Columbus. I am very excited he agreed to take me to a concert. Also with dinner to follow.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What says Christmas more...

I have be struggling with what to write about. We have just been busy with the Christmas season. Penny and I got to do a little shopping last week with no kids which is always more enjoyable. Thank you dear hubby! Sunday was our Christmas musical which was fabulous, and if you miss it sorry! I am gearing up for all the parties that will be happening, and all the cooking and baking we will be doing in the next couple of weeks.

While I was working of some recipes, I was found this. What can be better than any made with cream cheese. You can find this on I will probably try one or two of these, but I do know I will not be trying anything called "aspic". I think that is too close to acid. Enjoy!

Cream Cheese is a great staple to have on hand and lasts many weeks in the refrigerator. Teamed with the recipes below, you'll always be prepared for unexpected guests or late-night munchies.
45. BAKED POTATOES (with chive sauce)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Elf Fun!!

I know this is floating around the web. So here is ours for your enjoyment. You can picture us in the snow now because as soon as Dear children get thru with their school work - we are going sledding!

Here is another one for fun. Sorry JB is couldn't resist.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Today you turn 9! I can't believe it. You are growing up to be a godly young lady. I pray that you continue on that path. Here are 9 things that are wonderful about you -

  1. your kindness and generosity

  2. your willingness to put others first

  3. your sister is your best friend

  4. your organization - we are trying to figure out where you get it

  5. your love of reading

  6. your creativity

  7. your willingness to learn new things

  8. how beautiful you are on the inside as well as the outside

  9. you love for God and the desire to serve Him!

Hannah your Mom and Dad love you so much and are thankful that God gave you to us. Our prayer for you is that you will grow up to be a godly woman, mom, or whatever God wants you to be and that you will always follow Him. We know you are getting ready to enter a new stage in your life, and we want you to always we are on your side and will be here for you. WE LOVE YOU!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Dawgs are Going Bowling!

Granted it wasn't the big one or a New Years Day bowl, but I do get to see them one more time. We are in the Liberty Bowl in Memphis on Dec 29th playing UCF. GO DAWGS!!

We have a busy week ahead of us. I think tomorrow night is the only night will get to eat dinner together until next week. We survived the 9 yr olds sleepover. Most of my Christmas decorations are up. Thats all for now.

Friday, November 30, 2007

This was not suprising.

Your Christmas is Most Like: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Christmas is a big, boisterous event at your place.
And no matter what, something hilarious usually happens.

I am thankful my family is not like his, but we watch this movie every year. My motto for decorating "More Lights the Better". I just wish my budget could reflect it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Need Bows?

I have been working on my Christmas decorations for my home. I am trying to get ready for Hannah's birthday and BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes. I was looking at my sad little bows and was wanting something fabulous. I have the ribbon, but I am just not that good at it. They are just too expensive buy premade.

I was over at a friend's house and saw her bows and how beautiful they were. I commented on how pretty they were and she said that her husband did them and all the bows in her house. I asked her if he can do me some. So, Jeff Salyer - when can I bring you my ribbon? You have a wonderful talent and need to share.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

We got the EGG!!

So exciting, and what a finish. Another coach has gotten "Croomed". What a glorious day for the Dawgs!! MSU 17- Ole Miss 14. I did not get to see the game again because we were somewhere between SC and OH during the game. Dear Hubby was able to get the scores for me on his phone. We just now what for the rest of the games to play out and see where we play next. Someone told me that we are too involved with college football, but it is everything down South! Saturday is Football Day! Right now dear hubby is watching the Iron Bowl - WAR EAGLE!! Come on lets beat the tide!!!
We had a good Thanksgiving with the Dear Family. We met Piper's new hubby. Food was good. Long DRIVE!!
We have a busy week ahead 10 girls for a sleepover this Friday for Hannah's Bday! I just have to figure out how to do a cake in the shape of a star by Friday. Sadly basement will not be done.
Have a good week everyone!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Do they look professional?

As a few of you know I am busily working on our Christmas cards. I have gotten the return address labels done, the cards (I think those are important to have), the list hopefully finalized, and all that was left was to get the pics printed. I normally use Shutterfly to print my pictures but I needed them earlier so I settled for Walmart pics which are good don't get me wrong. I had sent some of the pictures I had taken a few weeks ago to print no problem. Today I order my 65 pictures and I get a phone call. I was in the middle of teaching piano so I did not answer the phone. I listened to my phone message before heading out to pick up my pictures and I was shocked at my message. Walmart asked me if I could bring a release from the photographer to pick up my pictures. I was amazed and flattered. I couldn't wait to call dear hubby. Is this God confirming that I need to be a photographer or was this a one shot deal? Thankfully I was able to get my pics because I had not deleted the pictures of my camera. So, If you get one of my pictures they are copyrighted so no scanning! :-D

Here are some examples for your pleasure. Let me know what you think, and can you tell me which baby is which?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

100th Post

This is my 100th post!! (*insert applause*)I had thought about posting something exciting like my 100 favorite things, 100 favorite foods etc. I did enjoy getting 100's in school. But I could think of anything so here it is pretty random. Maybe I will get 100 comments? Set some goal people - maybe some of my readers and fellow bloggers will make it to 100 as well.

Oh well, the Dawgs did not win today but AL and Ole Miss DID lose and that is always exciting. The Egg Bowl is this coming Friday, and I am sad I not be able to watch it. Come on Dawgs - beat those Rebels!! I will refrain from yelling what most fans say to the other team in MS.

We do have a couple of busy weeks coming up with Thanksgiving, Hannah's Bday, and decorating for Christmas. I am looking forward to getting out ALL my Christmas deco, although I am having to wait till our carpet goes down in the basement because there construction mess in front of the door leading to my stuff. I am hoping it will all be done soon so I can get to the decorations. I would like to have a lot of it done by bday party.

Emily has finally lost her other front tooth. I will try to post a pic soon of it. She has been going around singing - "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth". I am glad I have already taken our Christmas card pic.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is is Possible?

*UPDATE*: New videos of the State available at my friend's Sue's blog on her Nov. 14th post.

In a recent article in a MS newspaper states that if MSU could win out we would play on New Years Day. Dear hubby's nightmare could come true. To see him in maroon and white sitting there cheering on my Dawgs. What a wonderful Christmas present that would be! It would be so nice if this would happen. I have learned though from watching all the OSU fans up here don't count your chickens before they hatch. Playing in the Cotton Bowl would be nice, but being bowl eligible and watching them in post season play would be exciting enough. The funny thing about it is that if were too happen we could possibly play Texas A&M. We would have a rematch of the Snow Bowl. Wouldn't that be fun MG? You can vote for the Dawgs here please and Coach Croom here.

Ok to change the subject COMPLETELY. I receive email updates from AFA (American Family Assoc.). I received this one last night and if further confirms why I don't particularly care for Lowes - Lowe's refuses to call them "Christmas trees," chooses to call them "Family trees" . I will not be purchasing my CHRISTMAS tree from them this year. I plan on going to a CHRISTMAS TREE farm to get my CHRISTMAS TREE to celebrate CHRISTMAS with my family. I hope their trees just sit on the shelf. I am looking forward to celebrating this wonderful holiday this year and I think it will be one of our best CHRISTMASES ever. To email Lowes to express your thoughts click here. To view the ad click here.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bowl Eligible!!!!

The mighty DAWGS have beaten another team in Alabama. As one commenter said it is MSU who is the Iron Bowl Champs. I never imagined our little team would be 6-4. We have 2 games left Ark and Ole Miss. I am just shocked we won, and very excited. I believe dear hubby is just praying we don't get a New Years Day game, because if we do guess were we will be. Believe me I will hold him to it. All I can say is way to go DAWGS!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tell me NO!!!

This just in. Due to the writers strike this has happened. I think Jack needs to save us from this strike.

"Jack Bauer will return to save the world on “24” — again — but somewhat later than expected. And Michael Scott, the comically obtuse regional manager on “The Office,” will not be serving up any original cringe-inducing comments after next week.
As television and movie writers entered the third day of their strike against Hollywood producers yesterday, the walkout continued to complicate matters for the networks.
Fox, the first to announce revisions to its prime-time schedule because of the strike, said it would indefinitely postpone the start of the seventh season of “24,” which had been scheduled for January, to ensure an uninterrupted 24-episode season. For more info on some of the other shows check out this article. "

This strike may be good for families again. They will be able to spend time together talking, playing board games, and generally hanging out again.

Monday, November 05, 2007

If you are good...

It is that time of year when I start thinking about our Christmas card pictures. Sometimes I take them when we are at the beach, while I did do that and loved the pictures I had already given some of them out so I decided to do another set a pictures. Thankfully since I enjoy taking pictures and my new lens had come in, I was ready to take them. I wanted to take them outside before it got too cold, so last week was perfect. Yes, I took pictures on Halloween. I think it was an appropriate way to celebrate that day - taking Christmas Pictures. I was using part of our neighbors backyard, and it was funny to see them come out dressed in costume while the girls were dressed Christmassy.

The girls don't always enjoy being my models, but I promised that if they were good I would take fun pictures of what they wanted as well as mine and we would get cream slushes from Sonic. They complied thankfully and took some great pics. Grape slushes all around!

I am hoping to get out card out earlier this year. My goal is to beat a friend of mine with her card. Every year her card it the first one we receive. It is usually a day or two after Thanksgiving. Maybe she is not reading this and we may get her card next week. If I don't get everyones out I may just get one to her. I actually do have our cards already and they are just waiting on me to get the pictures printed. I was a savvy shopper and got them after Christmas last year. I also need to update the Christmas card list as well. So if your address has changed in the last year please let me know if you expect to get a card.

Here are some of the fun pics we took

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dinnertime Woes

I am currently bored with our dinner menus. It consists of items that I can throw together quickly and items I know my kids will not complain about. I am wanting something new. I know I have all these cookbooks and I just need to get them out and start trying stuff, but when do I have time to do that. Sometimes I will try something different and dear hubby is often not too excited. Ordering pizza is too easy. We don't get too many nights at home where I can cook and elaborate meal and sometimes on those nights I don't want to cook because of all the running around the nights before. I did try something new last night and hubby was skeptical, but the family was surprised that it was good.

I have considered something call Dream Dinners. It is a place in Columbus where you go a prepare a meal for the week or so and freeze them and all you have to do is thaw and cook. For the month of November they has Southern Living side dishes and what could be better. I have seen a FoodNetwork special on the ladies who started this business. If I can get dear hubby on board and a few other ladies willing to try it with me. I would enjoy not wandering thru the grocery store trying to decide what to fix for the week.

Anybody else bored with their dinners?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

One More and We are Bowl Eligible

Mississippi State 31 - (14) Kentucky 14.

I would just like to say thank you to anyone who picked them in the CFP. Emily and I are the only family members who had faith in our Dawgs!! Now Auburn, come on and beat the other team in MS!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sweet Home Mississippi

I know ya'll have been waiting to hear about our trip down south, but since it was over 2 weeks ago I will not bore you will all the details just some highlights.

  • Attended Family Reunion - Coconut Cake - yummy. Sign by the bridge over a little creek - "Do not play in water due to broken glass and snakes" nice
  • We did several field trips for school - Ag and Forestry Museum, Natural History Museum, Waverly Antebellum Home, Nanih Waiya Mound, and Mississippi State.
  • Ate at my favorite BBQ restaurant - pulled pork plate and sweet tea to ya!Delish!
  • Visited various family and friends
  • The most exciting thing for me - Watching my alma mater play football. GO DAWGS!!! I didn't even mind the fact that the game was at 1:30 CST in the sun and HOT!! I was just happy to be there with other people who love MSU football.

I am just happy to be back home with my family. I missed my dear hubby terribly. I do not like being away from him that long. We did have a fun time with mom down south and when she came back with us.

We a currently getting geared up for busy couple of months with Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have planned on visiting the Dear family this year for Thanksgiving. We have Hannah's bday party to plan. Is it too early to go ahead and decorate for Christmas? I am very excited about decorating our new home. I am trying to talk dear hubby into letting me get the girls another tree because they are running out of room on their 4 ft tree. I would like to put their tree in the kitchen and get newer one for upstairs for them. Hannah thinks we don't need one for the kitchen because there will be one in the living room - which will be a REAL ONE! By the way I need a good recommendation for a tree farm to get the perfect tree.

I am looking thru my Southern Livings looking at all the new deco ideas especially mantels and looking at all the food options to cook for the holidays. Can you tell I love Christmas? I am excited Boomama is doing her Christmas Tour of Homes. I am sorry for my excitement. This will be the first time in 3 yrs to get out ALL my Christmas decorations. We will not even go into my dilemma of how to decorate the outside of our home.

Oh, well. I will not bore you any more. Here are a few pics from our trip.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Is this Devil's Meal?"

Yesterday the dear hubby took Emily to breakfast. He likes to get them up early and the "sneak off" to breakfast. The girls get to pick where they go. Emily's choice this time - Jolly Pirate - which is most of the time. They arrived back early with doughnuts in hand, and I asked Emily why they didn't eat there. She told me they tried but the lady would not move down a seat. So there where not 2 seats together. Why people will you not moved down so a dad and his daughter can have some quality time together bonding over doughnuts. So we were able to all have breakfast together at home.

Well, while were eating Emily had gotten herself a cruller and Hannah a pumpkin spice. Hannah was eating hers and was not sure if it was pumpkin spice and politely asked - "Is this Devil's Meal?" Dear hubby and I just started laughing when we realized what she asked. We asked if she meant devil's food, and then we started joking around if this is what he really likes.

I will hopefully post some more about our trip down south later. We are just glad to be back home.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

oh to breathe again

My allergies have kicked in with the combination of Ohio weather, I long to breathe normally again. Maybe with some rain coming in it will wash some of this away. I pray this is the only cold for the season.

We have a busy weekend and week coming up. Saturday the girls and I fly out to MS to see my mom. We are attended a family reunion among other things this next week This is my mom's side of the family. I remember growing up attending this reunion every year. Since I have been in college and married I don't make too many of them anymore, and the main reason - it is on a Sunday. This reunion does have good memories is seeing my cousins, playing in the park, and going to the zoo afterwards. I have memories of my parents would always bring the drinks to the reunion and they were the bottles of various Coke products - CocaCola, Tab, Sprite, Nehi Grape. My cousins and I would always collect the bottle caps. I don't remember much about the food except for buckets of KFC and my mom's banana pudding. Many of my cousins now have families of their own and are scattered across the country. My grandfather of whom this is his family is no longer living. So, there will be many people at this reunion that we will not know other than my mom and probably a handful of people. One thing I am looking forward to - my aunt's coconut cake and maybe some banana pudding.

The girls will get to see some new places while we are in MS. We are studying MS in school, so we plan to visit several sites around the great state. Fun, Fun. The most exciting thing is MSU Homecoming on Saturday. Getting to eat Lil Dooeys BBQ, hearing the band, and all the other festivities is just very exciting.

Here is your pick'em results for week #4 -
  • #1 - me
  • #2 - emily
  • #3 - hannah
  • #4 - dear hubby - although he says he got the first 10 picks right but did not import them to the family pickem. if i believe him he would be ahead of me by one point.

Everyone have great week.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Week #3 Pick'em Update

For the week:
  • #1 - Hannah
  • #2 - Emily
  • #3 - Dad
  • #4 - me

Cumulative Total

  • #1 - Hannah
  • #2 - Dad
  • #3 - me
  • #4 - Emily

I know I have fallen a little but our points are close, so it is any body's game still. Hannah had a great week with 14 points, and for some reason I failed to pick two games. Oh well, the only thing that mattered this past Saturday is that my team won!! (In case you didn't already know). Good Luck with your picks this week.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Movin' On Up!

MSU 19 - Auburn 14. I am just shocked!! Words escape me. Check out my friend Susanne's blog.

Well, I'm Back

Everyone is back home safe and sound. I did enjoy some time alone. I was able to paint the girls bathroom and get is mostly decorated. It is so cute and maybe I will post a pic of it sometime soon. If not just picture a real nice grassy green color walls, a red gingham shower curtain and rug, and ladybugs attached to various places around the room. All very cute and girly.

Some girlfriends and I were able to enjoy some good bargain hunting time at the thrift store. We have to go in groups to one of the stores because it may not be the greatest area of Columbus, but it is on a major road there. We did go in the daytime, so it was ok. We got some great deals. Penny was excited to get a Super Shooter, and now she doesn't have to borrow her moms and can make you some deviled eggs. Amanda loaded up on snow pants. Amy found an excellent deal on a book. And now my favorite find beside a beautiful blouse for myself and for my dear hubby a golf wind shirt for $1.50.
Drum roll please - A 1978 Edition The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette. It covers a variety of topics such as should we give our children as an allowance, place setting, how to address people, proper attire, and what I most needed - how to prepare for an audience with the pope. You can just never be too prepared, but now I am. If you any etiquette questions just call, or I think the book my require a formal letter written to me on your personal stationary.
Well, needless to say we got some good bargains. Also due to the overload of moms cleaning out their closets getting ready for winter the other store we went too was behind on accessing clothing. I brought some clothing to sell to sorta even out my purchases, so that necessitated me going back to Columbus on Friday. Penny said she would go again so off we went early yesterday. We had a great time. I had got a call from the dear hubby while we were in one store saying that he needed some more golf shirts, so the required a trip to the mall. We were excited. After perusing Old Navy and outfitting Zac with shorts for the next year we were off. Macy's here we come! Although it is hard to go to some department stores and see prices after you go to a thrift store, but how can you pass up buy one get one free at Macy's. We did secure some shirts for the hubby and a nice pair of plaid shorts. Look for you local pastor to be sporting some very fashionable plaid shorts at a golf course near you. He did say he liked them. We did try to find some for Pastor Shawn, and we could have found some matching ones for he and Zac, but Penny said he was own his own for clothes. Sorry Shawn. We were able to secure some good bargains again yesterday as well. I next shopping adventure - Amish Country - but after our hubby's get paid. Who's on board?

It has been a good couple of days hanging out with the girls, but I did miss my family and glad they are home safe. We are preparing to the big football showdown between MSU and AU today. Everyone have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

because you just needed to know...

OK, here it is the weekly update in the pick'em -
  • #1 - Dear Hubby
  • #2 - Me
  • #2 - Hannah
  • #4 - Emily
As far as the cumulative total dear hubby and I are tied. This week was pretty close. We went back and forth until the last game was played. I know dear hubby did not enjoy his game, but one thing that did please me was that the game ended at 1am, and I did not have to watch him be sad for the rest of the day. An upbeat part of the day was the win by my DAWGS!! YEA!!(insert cowbell ringing).

Today we purchase our tickets for the MSU Homecoming game, and I am sooooo excited about being there celebrating the university and being with all my closest MSU friends. This weekend should be exciting around the house - it is the MSU vs AUBURN game with Taylor Hicks as the halftime entertainment. There will not be much conversation between the dear hubby and I during the game. We will most likely be watching the game in separate rooms. But, it will be fun just to see some great SEC football. The game is at Auburn so it will tough for the Dawgs, but Appy St and South FL give us hope. Whatever happens it is just a game (right Sean).

Please keep my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law in your prayers. Rita needs some lifting up during this time taking care of her mom.

For all my northern friends who would like to hear some good southern women conversation please check out boomama and listen to hear podcast with bigmama. Enjoy!

Wishing you a great day in the Lord!

P.S. As I have been sitting here typing the girls are getting into bed. Hannah has her radio listen to Christian music and singing along to the song "Heart of Worship" I am just about to cry. I thank the Lord for my little girls!

Friday, September 07, 2007


I am sitting here needing to clean and do other things, but I am just not in the mood. My dear hubby is wanting to take me out but we cannot currently find a babysitter. I just read boomama's latest post and she is on her way to the Deeper Still conference in Nashville and I admit I jealous - Kay Arthur and Beth Moore on one stage - WOW!! I think you could get a big dose of Jesus at that confence.

I know it is wrong, but I am a little looking for to 2 days home alone next week. My dear hubby is taking the girls to see his grandmother and I had to stay behind to teach piano. I don't think I will know how to act. Penny, Amy, and I have already planned a trip for one - we are touring various thift stores and other places we want to go. Needless to say I am looking forward to a little girls only time. I am so thankful for my friends in our church.

Well, I wish everyone a good weekend and may your football teams prevail (especially mine - GO DAWGS!!)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Week #1 Pick'em

Here is an update for those who are just dying to know how the family did in the football picks. In no I am bragging and things will change over the season, but I am rather please with the first round. Here is it:
  • #1 - me
  • #2 - dear hubby
  • #2 - Hannah
  • #4 - Emily

We wish everyone a fun football season.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let the Games Begin

Tonight is the first college football game of the season, and not surprisingly it is SEC game because we have the best conference. ESPN is showcasing some great football tonight - MSU vs LSU. As many of you know MSU is my football team and I know we aren't the great team like Auburn but they are my team - deal with it! I am looking foward to watching football on Saturdays and having my dear hubby at home. Which this also allows me to go places on Saturday without kids because I know he will be at home.

This year we have added a little fun into the season. Since my dear hubby cannot seem to get enough fantasy sports, he has added fantasy football to his college pickem as well. He got a jump on Jeff S. on setting up the pickem in which they have to type in the password goauburn - fun. Well, he would not let me in the pickem with the guys, but he set one up for the our dear family. Yes it is girls vs guy, and yes I said girls - the girls are going to pickem. Let the fun begin.

Hail State (Fight Song)

(click on title to here fight song)

Hail dear 'ole State!Fight for that victory today.Hit that line and tote that ball,Cross the goal before you fall!And then we'll yell, yell, yell, yell!For dear 'ole State we'll yell like H-E-L-L!Fight for Mis-sis-sip-pi State,Win that game today!

Maroon and White (Alma Mater)

In the heart of Mississippi

Made by none but God's own hands

Stately in her nat'ral splendor

Our Alma Mater proudly stands.

State College of Mississippi,Fondest mem'ries cling to thee.

Life shall hoard thy spirit ever,

Loyal sons we'll always be.

Chorus:Maroon and White! Maroon and White!

Of thee with joy we sing.

Thy colors bright, our souls delight,

With praise our voices ring.

Tho' our life some pow'r may vanquish,

Loyalty can't be o'er run;

Honors true on thee we lavish

Until the setting of the sun;

Live Maroon and White for ever,

Ne'er can evil mar thy fame,Nothing us from thee can sever,

Alma Mater we acclaim.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To My Fantasy "insert sport of the season" Widows

I think this is absolutely hilarious. Please read "Fantasy Land" first before "From the Commissioner". I thought we were suppose to be our dear hubby's fantasy!

A New Look

With school starting back and other new things popping up, I thought I would update the look of my blog. I read several other blogs and see all these cute designs, but most of those come with a price. In our effort to save a little money here and there, I kinda did it myself. You can get some free ones on the internet but I just didn't care for too many of them. So here it is, I like it. Let me know what you think.

On a another note we have started school back and soon we will be back into all our activities, except gymnastics. We have decided to take the year off. But we are looking forward to a good year in school.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

all's fun till the police show up.

Last night we had our Connect Group Social at our home. We had 56 people, yes, 56 people in our home. Everyone had a great time eating pizza and desserts and watching the movie. I cannot believe we had that many people in which we think about half of them were children. When we surveyed the damage after everyone left, I think we may have pizza boxes that stood about 4 ft tall. Inventory of items left - lawn chairs, socks, pacifier, sunscreen, sweatshirt, parachute toy soldier, and one child - oops sorry Hailey was suppose to stay. We did have to call the socializing to an end when the police showed up, but thankful it was not for our party. There was a burglar on the loose and the cops were out with the dogs trying to find him. The police wanted to make sure our people got to their cars safely. So thankfully no one called them on us.

Here is another item of business. We have these flowers blooming in our backyard. The blooms are almost the size of dinner plates. Will someone please enlighten on what kind of flower this is?

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I know you may or may not read this, but I would love you wish you HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!! Thanks for choosing me!

Last night we have our new worship pastor's daughter spent the night with us. When they first met they just hit it off. All the girls were in vbs together, so we decided to have a sleepover. The girls were up late having fun, and in the middle of the night since they could not go to sleep, they cleaned the kitchen. I know that is so hard to believe kids cleaning, but they did. But the sweetest thing was what was on the wall...


Thursday, July 26, 2007


Vicky Courtney has done it again. Check out her 2 latest blogs. Also for the moms out there check out I am praying for these current fashions to change to return to modesty for little girls.

Monday, July 16, 2007

It is not big enough to eat us yet?

I know you are just anxiously awaiting how our vacation was. It was great. We started our trip by visiting family and friends in AL(which including eating Mata's Pizza!!) before heading toward the beach. Thankfully in the wee hours Wednesday morning we pulled into the parking lot of our condo. Our vacation consisted mostly of swimming, playing at the beach, and eating of course. The girls are getting more fun and braver at the beach. We were afraid this time of year would be too busy, but it was not too bad. We picked out the best section of the beach to go to. We only had one day where the waves were too rough to play in. The most exciting and a little scary thing we got to see was a school of stingray swimming by, and it was a lot of them. I think our favorite day was the Fourth of July. There were alot of people there that day, but it was not bad. We arrived in the morning and stayed till late afternoon. The weather and waves were great! My dear hubby was happy with his spf50, book, and beach umbrella. We brought lunch and snacks, and I think it was just about the best family day we had had in a while. Emily even took a nap laying on her beach towel. The evening was capped off that night with BBQ at one of our favorite restaurants Sticky Fingers, and the we watched fireworks at Broadway at the Beach. It was just a wonderful day. What a day - Beach-BBQ-Fireworks!!

One exciting/scary night we went to watch fireworks at another shopping area of the beach and not realizing how close the fireworks would go off to us. We were hit by the shrapnel of exploding shells. It scared Emily, and it was SO loud were we decided to sit. Thankfully there was only one piece of cardboard that was still burning but it did not land near us. The fireworks were pretty though.

I am sure you are wondering if we tried anything new. Only Emily. I was able to sneak a fried scallop in with her shrimp, but she caught that and didn't care for that. She also tried smoked chicken wings like Hannah did last year and is anxiously awaiting to eat more of them. I was able to get my favorite soup - She Crab Soup - mmmmmGOOOD! Many have also asked Krispy Kreme count - 4 dozen.

One last exciting this - I finally beat my dear hubby in a round of putt-putt!! We played 36 holes - he won the first by 1 and then I came back to win the second round. Yea for me! Wii golf may be paying off?

I almost forgot. At our condo complex there is a pond behind our building. Every year we go out and feed the turtles, always fun and exciting for the girls. This year was a little more exciting - an alligator. He would come up and try to get the food we were throwing out and would come up to the side of the pond you were on. Thankfully he never came out, but my dear hubby called the sheriff's dept and they came and investigated. He was about 5-6 ft long, but they said he was too small to take out and that it could not eat anyone yet. Hopefully management will put up signs about not feeding the alligator and it will not be there next year.

But overall a nice relaxing time spent with the family!!

Monday, July 09, 2007


I know you are hoping for an update from vacation, but you will have to wait a little longer. There is laundry and cleaning needed to be done. So here is a good read. Vicky Courtney is an author I enjoy reading. She is a Christian writer for parents who especially have girls of which I have two. I recommend her books. She has joined the blogging world and this is her lastest entry. All I can say to this is AMEN!!! So check out Virtue Alert.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Can I click my heels and be home now?

We are finally back home. We had a wonderful time in San Antonio. We enjoyed walking and riding on the Riverwalk, Mexican food, Texas BBQ and seafood, and did I say Mexican food? We enjoy Mexican food, but I do think I got my fill of it this week.

It has been nice to get away with my dear hubby this week and enjoy talking without kids interrupting you. The convention was good and it is always fun to see Baptists get into heated business. Each year for the minister's wives they have a lunch. For the 3 yr I was a table hostess. It is nothing fancy. You just basically get into the event earlier. This year was nice because Dennis Swanberg was the one of the speakers. The lunch was good and was nice to meet other minister wives from across the country.

We were able to take in some of the sights of new and old San Antonio. We saw the Alamo of course, but we then decided to drive the Mission Trail. It was very interesting to see the old mission churches and learn a little history behind them.

As you may have read in earlier posts our flight to TX was interesting why shouldn't the flight home not be as well. We arrived early enough and were going to be on the way home. They announced that the flight was overbooked and were looking for volunteers to take a later flight. We decided to look into it and see how late it would put us and where we would have to fly to. I was already not looking forward to flying for 3 hours in the middle set, so I was just hoping for a little better. The agent was able to find actually a better flight that would get in 1 minute earlier (or so we thought) and we would connect thru Kansas City and not Detroit. So we went for it. We were flying Midwest Air which we found out hands out warm chocolate chip cookies on flights after 10am. Well, our flight was delayed 20 minutes so there went our 1 minute lead and then the pilot announced that due to bad weather we would have to zigzag around them pushing a 1 1/2 hour flight to 2 hours. We only had a 20 minute layover in KC but we found out that we didn't have to disembark because our plan we continuing onto Columbus. Our luggage beat us. It was on our old flight. But I will say we did get compensated for the change. We are happy to be back home with our girls.

I will hoping to post pics from our trip and pics from the girls recital soon. I am just trying to catch up on sleep, so if there are typos I am sorry.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finally Here

We are here finally and enjoying San Antonio. It is warmer here, but it is fine. First class was nice but didn't last long enough and real glasses not plastic.

Funny thing while I was typing my last blog, I looked up to see Pastor Tim and his wife. They were on the same flight with us to Dallas.

We are just trying to decide which Mexican restaurant to try first.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Texas here we come...maybe?

It is 2 pm and we are still sitting in Columbus Airport. Yes , by now we should be in Texas enjoying the heat and Mexican food, but here we sit. We were scheduled to leave this morning at 7:40 and had left in enough time to get here and make it to the flight. Thanks to the FAA computer problems yesterday threw everything off this morning. Needless to say we missed our flight this morning. We were waiting at curbside check in to only see the skycap to disappear and never to return. We go inside and missed them calling for passengers on our flight and therefore missed our flight. We waited over 2hrs in line to finally get help to get on another flight. We did try calling and getting on the internet but to no avail.

We were so thankful the lady at the counter was VERY helpful and who was working over to help people find flights who were missed or delayed. It was exciting in line. We had nice people to talk to. We got to the the Kansas City arena football team and found out that one of their players played for Auburn.

So, we are sitting here waiting for our flight to leave at 3:30 with a different airline than we booked which was fine. We are very sleepy and ready to get to our destination. There is one bright side to our delay - we get to fly 1st class from Dallas to San Antonio! They were the last seats available so thanks for the upgrade!

P.S. Dance is over for the summer. The girls did great and I will try to post pictures when we get back.

Remember the Alamo!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Emily!!

It is hard to believe you are 6 years old today. You are such a blessing to our little family. You bring life, happiness, and laughter to all. You are a great sister and daughter. You were so excited to start kindergarten this past year and have been a great student. I pray you will always love learning. Here are some exciting things you have learned since your last birthday.

  • Learned to read

  • Decided tap dancing is more exciting than ballet

  • You have almost mastered the cartwheel

  • LOVED Disneyworld

  • Gotten your first American Girl

  • Lost your first tooth

  • Moved into your own bedroom

  • Had your first solo and drama part in musical

  • completed your first year of Sparks

  • Loved Jesus More!

My prayer for you is to continue to love Jesus more and continue to love and care for others. I am so glad God blessed our family with you! You are an important part to us and love you more than you will ever know.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Carr Family

Friends of ours from Florida just adopted another child from China. This time it was a deaf girl. Pray for this family as they adjust to another child in the family as well as another deaf child. Here is the link to their story Be sure to watch the videos with tissue in hand.

Congrats Johnny, Beth, Heather, Jarred, James, and Xiaoli!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Tale of the Toilet

As many of you know the new home we bought was a foreclosure. Foreclosures in many instances are not in good shape, but thankfully not too much was wrong with this house. The only problem we have consistently been having is a toilet in the master bath not flushing correctly. I was thankful it was not the guest bathroom. We would have to plunge it every time we flushed. It was very frustrating. We thought we may have to call a plumber, take the toilet up, or check our homeowners insurance to see if it would be covered. I just wanted it fixed. All the other toilets worked great.

Yesterday my dear hubby bought a toilet auger for one last shot of trying to fix it before taking it up or calling a plumber. The auger brought final success!! You would not believe what was stopping up our toilet - a nose hair trimmer! We guess the former owner or child of owner must have flushed it, why I don't know, but now our toilet flushes. The plunger can now take up residence in the basement.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

This my 9th year of getting to enjoy being a mom. I know my oldest is not 9 yet but is was in March of 1998 that we got the wonderful news that I was going to mom. It was a day that my dear hubby and I could not believe had finally arrived, to get to hear the words, "you're pregnant!". The years leading up to that moment were very hard with many tears and prayers wondering if I would ever get to hear those words. It was very hard to enjoy Mother's Day wondering if i would ever be a mom.

Every year I say a pray for those women who want to be moms, but for some reason it has not happened. It is important to remember these women, because this day is hard for them. They may still have their mom and celebrate her, but in their heart they are longing for someone to call them "MOM".

I am so thankful I am a mom. I am thankful for 2 little girls who brought me breakfast in bed and like me being their mom. I just pray I will be the example to my girls my mom was to me - to love God with all your heart and trust Him for everything.

So, Happy Mother's Day to my mom and thank you for all you have done for me. I love you. Also Happy Mother's Day and thank you to Rita for raising a wonderful son who chose me.
Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a mom!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Enjoying breathing room

As I write this post I am sitting in our new living room with the marvelously painted bordeaux walls. This is the first night I am not packing, unpacking, or painting. Tomorrow we move the last of our stuff from the rent house (a big thanks to all who will help). We have been living in our new home since Monday, and working on getting everything out of the old into the new. Where did all of this stuff come from? Tonight we got to enjoy our first cooked meal at home. I was able to get some boxes unpacked to be able to see the counter and the table. There are so many boxes and I have no idea when they will get all unpacked. The girls keep asking me when I will paint their room, but I just keep telling them when I get to it. There is a thing called clothing that we need, and I am not sure if I can find them all.

The girls are excited about sleeping in their own rooms. Hannah is taking pride in her room and keeping it just so. I just pray this last a LONG time! Emily is a different story. This is the first time for the girls to have their own rooms. I am just excited not to have a share a bathroom with the girls, but I guess I do have to share with my dear hubby. We are just so thankful to God for allowing us to find and purchase this home.

The only down side of this week is that Emily and I have both been sick. She even had a trip to the doc. I think we just have a cold or our allergies have kicked in. So add being sick to being tired and sore from the moving, I am just ready to be done and get back to "normal".

We do hope to start having people over soon, but currently we are just enjoying having breathing room. Maybe I will try to post some pictures of our home soon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fun Contest

Fun contest to enjoy. 5 Minutes for Mom is having a contest where you can win this cool Philips digital photo frame. These are the neatest things!! This is a great way to show off all your digital pictures

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Study: Religion is Good for Kids

I know some will think this is cheating, but I thought this was a very interesting article. I put it in my blog in case you did not get it in the email. I am also very tired to think of anything to write about.

By Melinda Wenner
Kids with religious parents are better behaved and adjusted than other children, according to a new study that is the first to look at the effects of religion on young child development.
The conflict that arises when parents regularly argue over their faith at home, however, has the opposite effect.
John Bartkowski, a Mississippi State University sociologist and his colleagues asked the parents and teachers of more than 16,000 kids, most of them first-graders, to rate how much self control they believed the kids had, how often they exhibited poor or unhappy behavior and how well they respected and worked with their peers.
The researchers compared these scores to how frequently the children’s parents said they attended worship services, talked about religion with their child and argued abut religion in the home.
The kids whose parents regularly attended religious services — especially when both parents did so frequently — and talked with their kids about religion were rated by both parents and teachers as having better self-control, social skills and approaches to learning than kids with non-religious parents.
But when parents argued frequently about religion, the children were more likely to have problems. “Religion can hurt if faith is a source of conflict or tension in the family,” Bartkowski noted.
Why so good?
Bartkowski thinks religion can be good for kids for three reasons. First, religious networks provide social support to parents, he said, and this can improve their parenting skills. Children who are brought into such networks and hear parental messages reinforced by other adults may also “take more to heart the messages that they get in the home,” he said.
Secondly, the types of values and norms that circulate in religious congregations tend to be self-sacrificing and pro-family, Bartkowski told LiveScience. These “could be very, very important in shaping how parents relate to their kids, and then how children develop in response,” he said.
Finally, religious organizations imbue parenting with sacred meaning and significance, he said.
University of Virginia sociologist W. Bradford Wilcox, who was not involved in the study, agrees. At least for the most religious parents, “getting their kids into heaven is more important than getting their kids into Harvard,” Wilcox said.
But as for why religious organizations might provide more of a boost to family life than secular organizations designed to do the same thing, that’s still somewhat of a mystery, said Annette Mahoney, a psychologist at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, also not involved in the research. Mahoney wondered: “Is there anything about religion and spirituality that sets it apart?”
Unanswered questions
Bartkowski points out that one limitation of his study, to be published in the journal Social Science Research, is that it did not compare how denominations differed with regards to their effects on kids.
“We really don’t know if conservative Protestant kids are behaving better than Catholic kids or behaving better than mainline Protestant kids or Jewish kids,” he said.
It’s also possible that the correlation between religion and child development is the other way around, he said. In other words, instead of religion having a positive effect on youth, maybe the parents of only the best behaved children feel comfortable in a religious congregation.
“There are certain expectations about children’s behavior within a religious context, particularly within religious worship services,” he said. These expectations might frustrate parents, he said, and make congregational worship “a less viable option if they feel their kids are really poorly behaved.”

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Quick Update

WE ARE OFFICIAL HOMEOWNERS!!! Park Trails will never be the same when the Dears move to the neighborhood. Anyone for a painting/moving party?

We are just very excited and thankful that God has provided this new home for us, and we want to give Him praise for it. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter

I know I am late posting this, but with all the packing and school I am just behind on a few things. Yes, that is snow you see in the picture. I took this picture before we left for church. It was cold outside, so I told the girls to run out there real quick and I will take the picture before you get too cold. I wanted you to see their beautiful dresses before they had to put on their winter coats. Funny, I thought spring was to be warm.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Amazing Grace - My Chains are Gone!!

I decided to post this because I feel this is just the most powerful song. I know I had the link in an earlier post, but I was able to find this on youtube and post it directly on the blog. Everytime I hear this version, I just about cry. At this time of year, Amazing Grace should ring true with all Christians. It is true what Chris says in this song "my chains are gone, I've been set free". We should live like free people and not slave to what intangles us. This Easter we should be thankful for that "AMAZING GRACE" that was secured for us on the cross and in Christ's resurrection. HAPPY EASTER CHRISTIANS!!

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I'm found
Was blind, but now I see

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed

My chains are gone
I've been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love, Amazing grace

The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures

My chains are gone
I've been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love, Amazing grace

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow
The sun forbear to shine
But God, Who called me here below
Will be forever mine
Will be forever mine

You are forever mine

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pics of house

Here are a couple of more pictures of our new home. The second one as you see is of the back yard. I am standing in the location the swing set will go. You may notice the BIG deck on the back. We are fortunate to be one of the few houses that have a bigger deck on the back. As our friends in AL know how much we love our deck. If you need us this summer - that is where we will be be. Can't you see my dear hubby grilling and all the people waiting to see what he is cooking up? We are looking forward to having friends and family over. We are just so thankful to God that He has allowed us to find this house. This is house is a gift from God.

So, who is ready to paint?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Random Things

We are sitting here watching our weekly installment of American Idol. I always look forward to hearing Melinda Doolittle. She is my favorite. If you didn't see it tonight please watch the recap tomorrow night you must see Sanjaya's hair. Every week it is something different. Tonight was bad. We were all laughing out loud at the hair. Please America do not vote for him, we are tired of hearing the bad singer. I ran across an article about some of the contestants that is worth the read - I like know that people I am pulling for are Christians. This year to me has not been as good as last year. I think the top ones are Melinda, Lakisha and Jordin. I like Chris and Phil but they are just not in the same league as the girls.

This past Friday my dear hubby and I were able to go out on a date. Hannah asked me why we are still dating when we are married. I told her we enjoy being together. We went to see the Amazing Grace movie. It is VERY good. You get to the back story behind what had inspired the words the hymn. But the movie is about William Wilberforce and what passion he had to see the slave trade abolished. It is about someone willing to take a stand for what he believed and never wavering. He gave his life for this cause. The only thing I didn't like was that at the end they did not play the new Chris Tomlin version which he wrote for the movie. You can see it I believe on the movies website at You can see the video here -

I am sure most of you reading are wondering about the house. Our offer was finally accepted!! Yea. Praise the Lord!!!Once all the stuff was done we will hopefully have a closing date. We just pray everything else will go smoothly. Anyone in the mood to pack?

Here is it- Our future home

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Prayer Request

We received news today about Noel's Grandmother having lymphoma and lung cancer. This is his mom's mom. They have given her a year. Also, his Uncle Tommy (his mom's brother) is close to the end and hopice has been called in. All of this has been tough on Noel's mom, with potentially losing her only brother and mom in the same year. She and Jim are traveling to TX to be with Tommy this weekend.

Please just keep the family in your prayers.
Mildred Ferguson - Noel's Grandmother
Tommy Nall - uncle
Rita Dunaway - Noel's mom

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

my how time flies

December 2001

My dear hubby finally found some pictures I have been missing. They have been on a hard drive that has been on his computer at work, but he has not been able to transfer them to the home computer. Now that he has his new laptop the pictures have returned home. I have enjoyed looking at them and remembering all the fun we have had. Most of the pictures were around Emily's first year of life, and various other events. The girls have enjoyed looking at themselves. I thought our friends in Ohio would enjoy seeing a picture of the girls when they were younger. It has also been fun to see pics of my dear hubby and I younger as well. So, enjoy. They also still enjoy dressing up.

Question: I have a picture of my dear hubby and his friends at a wedding from about 6 yrs ago, should I post it?

Monday, March 19, 2007

My dear hubby stole my thunder

If you don't know by now, we are looking for a new home. We have our financing and have made an offer on a house. We are praying that it is God's will for us to have this home. We call it a mansion compared to where we currently live. The toughest part is waiting on the bank, because this is a forclosure. If we are able to get it - we will let you know. More later....

I thought I would give you a little update. This is all for now 24 is on. We are hoping Jack will be able to stop the nuclear weapon and find out why Audrey died. He is not happy why no one told him about it. We may be in a nuclear war soon. GO JACK!!

Also - I AM TIRED OF BEING SICK!!! Does anyone have any antibiotics?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not too much going on, yet.

I don't have any new info as of yet, but may have some soon. My mom and brother came into town yesterday. The girls are very excited to have grammy here. I like when she comes because Noel and I get to go out on a date.

We have a busy couple of months coming up, so I am not sure how often I will get to update. Maybe more than my dear hubby does?