Tuesday, September 25, 2007

oh to breathe again

My allergies have kicked in with the combination of Ohio weather, I long to breathe normally again. Maybe with some rain coming in it will wash some of this away. I pray this is the only cold for the season.

We have a busy weekend and week coming up. Saturday the girls and I fly out to MS to see my mom. We are attended a family reunion among other things this next week This is my mom's side of the family. I remember growing up attending this reunion every year. Since I have been in college and married I don't make too many of them anymore, and the main reason - it is on a Sunday. This reunion does have good memories is seeing my cousins, playing in the park, and going to the zoo afterwards. I have memories of my parents would always bring the drinks to the reunion and they were the bottles of various Coke products - CocaCola, Tab, Sprite, Nehi Grape. My cousins and I would always collect the bottle caps. I don't remember much about the food except for buckets of KFC and my mom's banana pudding. Many of my cousins now have families of their own and are scattered across the country. My grandfather of whom this is his family is no longer living. So, there will be many people at this reunion that we will not know other than my mom and probably a handful of people. One thing I am looking forward to - my aunt's coconut cake and maybe some banana pudding.

The girls will get to see some new places while we are in MS. We are studying MS in school, so we plan to visit several sites around the great state. Fun, Fun. The most exciting thing is MSU Homecoming on Saturday. Getting to eat Lil Dooeys BBQ, hearing the band, and all the other festivities is just very exciting.

Here is your pick'em results for week #4 -
  • #1 - me
  • #2 - emily
  • #3 - hannah
  • #4 - dear hubby - although he says he got the first 10 picks right but did not import them to the family pickem. if i believe him he would be ahead of me by one point.

Everyone have great week.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Week #3 Pick'em Update

For the week:
  • #1 - Hannah
  • #2 - Emily
  • #3 - Dad
  • #4 - me

Cumulative Total

  • #1 - Hannah
  • #2 - Dad
  • #3 - me
  • #4 - Emily

I know I have fallen a little but our points are close, so it is any body's game still. Hannah had a great week with 14 points, and for some reason I failed to pick two games. Oh well, the only thing that mattered this past Saturday is that my team won!! (In case you didn't already know). Good Luck with your picks this week.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Movin' On Up!

MSU 19 - Auburn 14. I am just shocked!! Words escape me. Check out my friend Susanne's blog.

Well, I'm Back

Everyone is back home safe and sound. I did enjoy some time alone. I was able to paint the girls bathroom and get is mostly decorated. It is so cute and maybe I will post a pic of it sometime soon. If not just picture a real nice grassy green color walls, a red gingham shower curtain and rug, and ladybugs attached to various places around the room. All very cute and girly.

Some girlfriends and I were able to enjoy some good bargain hunting time at the thrift store. We have to go in groups to one of the stores because it may not be the greatest area of Columbus, but it is on a major road there. We did go in the daytime, so it was ok. We got some great deals. Penny was excited to get a Super Shooter, and now she doesn't have to borrow her moms and can make you some deviled eggs. Amanda loaded up on snow pants. Amy found an excellent deal on a book. And now my favorite find beside a beautiful blouse for myself and for my dear hubby a golf wind shirt for $1.50.
Drum roll please - A 1978 Edition The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette. It covers a variety of topics such as should we give our children as an allowance, place setting, how to address people, proper attire, and what I most needed - how to prepare for an audience with the pope. You can just never be too prepared, but now I am. If you any etiquette questions just call, or I think the book my require a formal letter written to me on your personal stationary.
Well, needless to say we got some good bargains. Also due to the overload of moms cleaning out their closets getting ready for winter the other store we went too was behind on accessing clothing. I brought some clothing to sell to sorta even out my purchases, so that necessitated me going back to Columbus on Friday. Penny said she would go again so off we went early yesterday. We had a great time. I had got a call from the dear hubby while we were in one store saying that he needed some more golf shirts, so the required a trip to the mall. We were excited. After perusing Old Navy and outfitting Zac with shorts for the next year we were off. Macy's here we come! Although it is hard to go to some department stores and see prices after you go to a thrift store, but how can you pass up buy one get one free at Macy's. We did secure some shirts for the hubby and a nice pair of plaid shorts. Look for you local pastor to be sporting some very fashionable plaid shorts at a golf course near you. He did say he liked them. We did try to find some for Pastor Shawn, and we could have found some matching ones for he and Zac, but Penny said he was own his own for clothes. Sorry Shawn. We were able to secure some good bargains again yesterday as well. I next shopping adventure - Amish Country - but after our hubby's get paid. Who's on board?

It has been a good couple of days hanging out with the girls, but I did miss my family and glad they are home safe. We are preparing to the big football showdown between MSU and AU today. Everyone have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

because you just needed to know...

OK, here it is the weekly update in the pick'em -
  • #1 - Dear Hubby
  • #2 - Me
  • #2 - Hannah
  • #4 - Emily
As far as the cumulative total dear hubby and I are tied. This week was pretty close. We went back and forth until the last game was played. I know dear hubby did not enjoy his game, but one thing that did please me was that the game ended at 1am, and I did not have to watch him be sad for the rest of the day. An upbeat part of the day was the win by my DAWGS!! YEA!!(insert cowbell ringing).

Today we purchase our tickets for the MSU Homecoming game, and I am sooooo excited about being there celebrating the university and being with all my closest MSU friends. This weekend should be exciting around the house - it is the MSU vs AUBURN game with Taylor Hicks as the halftime entertainment. There will not be much conversation between the dear hubby and I during the game. We will most likely be watching the game in separate rooms. But, it will be fun just to see some great SEC football. The game is at Auburn so it will tough for the Dawgs, but Appy St and South FL give us hope. Whatever happens it is just a game (right Sean).

Please keep my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law in your prayers. Rita needs some lifting up during this time taking care of her mom.

For all my northern friends who would like to hear some good southern women conversation please check out boomama and listen to hear podcast with bigmama. Enjoy!

Wishing you a great day in the Lord!

P.S. As I have been sitting here typing the girls are getting into bed. Hannah has her radio listen to Christian music and singing along to the song "Heart of Worship" I am just about to cry. I thank the Lord for my little girls!

Friday, September 07, 2007


I am sitting here needing to clean and do other things, but I am just not in the mood. My dear hubby is wanting to take me out but we cannot currently find a babysitter. I just read boomama's latest post and she is on her way to the Deeper Still conference in Nashville and I admit I jealous - Kay Arthur and Beth Moore on one stage - WOW!! I think you could get a big dose of Jesus at that confence.

I know it is wrong, but I am a little looking for to 2 days home alone next week. My dear hubby is taking the girls to see his grandmother and I had to stay behind to teach piano. I don't think I will know how to act. Penny, Amy, and I have already planned a trip for one - we are touring various thift stores and other places we want to go. Needless to say I am looking forward to a little girls only time. I am so thankful for my friends in our church.

Well, I wish everyone a good weekend and may your football teams prevail (especially mine - GO DAWGS!!)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Week #1 Pick'em

Here is an update for those who are just dying to know how the family did in the football picks. In no I am bragging and things will change over the season, but I am rather please with the first round. Here is it:
  • #1 - me
  • #2 - dear hubby
  • #2 - Hannah
  • #4 - Emily

We wish everyone a fun football season.