Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dinnertime Woes

I am currently bored with our dinner menus. It consists of items that I can throw together quickly and items I know my kids will not complain about. I am wanting something new. I know I have all these cookbooks and I just need to get them out and start trying stuff, but when do I have time to do that. Sometimes I will try something different and dear hubby is often not too excited. Ordering pizza is too easy. We don't get too many nights at home where I can cook and elaborate meal and sometimes on those nights I don't want to cook because of all the running around the nights before. I did try something new last night and hubby was skeptical, but the family was surprised that it was good.

I have considered something call Dream Dinners. It is a place in Columbus where you go a prepare a meal for the week or so and freeze them and all you have to do is thaw and cook. For the month of November they has Southern Living side dishes and what could be better. I have seen a FoodNetwork special on the ladies who started this business. If I can get dear hubby on board and a few other ladies willing to try it with me. I would enjoy not wandering thru the grocery store trying to decide what to fix for the week.

Anybody else bored with their dinners?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

One More and We are Bowl Eligible

Mississippi State 31 - (14) Kentucky 14.

I would just like to say thank you to anyone who picked them in the CFP. Emily and I are the only family members who had faith in our Dawgs!! Now Auburn, come on and beat the other team in MS!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sweet Home Mississippi

I know ya'll have been waiting to hear about our trip down south, but since it was over 2 weeks ago I will not bore you will all the details just some highlights.

  • Attended Family Reunion - Coconut Cake - yummy. Sign by the bridge over a little creek - "Do not play in water due to broken glass and snakes" nice
  • We did several field trips for school - Ag and Forestry Museum, Natural History Museum, Waverly Antebellum Home, Nanih Waiya Mound, and Mississippi State.
  • Ate at my favorite BBQ restaurant - pulled pork plate and sweet tea to ya!Delish!
  • Visited various family and friends
  • The most exciting thing for me - Watching my alma mater play football. GO DAWGS!!! I didn't even mind the fact that the game was at 1:30 CST in the sun and HOT!! I was just happy to be there with other people who love MSU football.

I am just happy to be back home with my family. I missed my dear hubby terribly. I do not like being away from him that long. We did have a fun time with mom down south and when she came back with us.

We a currently getting geared up for busy couple of months with Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have planned on visiting the Dear family this year for Thanksgiving. We have Hannah's bday party to plan. Is it too early to go ahead and decorate for Christmas? I am very excited about decorating our new home. I am trying to talk dear hubby into letting me get the girls another tree because they are running out of room on their 4 ft tree. I would like to put their tree in the kitchen and get newer one for upstairs for them. Hannah thinks we don't need one for the kitchen because there will be one in the living room - which will be a REAL ONE! By the way I need a good recommendation for a tree farm to get the perfect tree.

I am looking thru my Southern Livings looking at all the new deco ideas especially mantels and looking at all the food options to cook for the holidays. Can you tell I love Christmas? I am excited Boomama is doing her Christmas Tour of Homes. I am sorry for my excitement. This will be the first time in 3 yrs to get out ALL my Christmas decorations. We will not even go into my dilemma of how to decorate the outside of our home.

Oh, well. I will not bore you any more. Here are a few pics from our trip.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Is this Devil's Meal?"

Yesterday the dear hubby took Emily to breakfast. He likes to get them up early and the "sneak off" to breakfast. The girls get to pick where they go. Emily's choice this time - Jolly Pirate - which is most of the time. They arrived back early with doughnuts in hand, and I asked Emily why they didn't eat there. She told me they tried but the lady would not move down a seat. So there where not 2 seats together. Why people will you not moved down so a dad and his daughter can have some quality time together bonding over doughnuts. So we were able to all have breakfast together at home.

Well, while were eating Emily had gotten herself a cruller and Hannah a pumpkin spice. Hannah was eating hers and was not sure if it was pumpkin spice and politely asked - "Is this Devil's Meal?" Dear hubby and I just started laughing when we realized what she asked. We asked if she meant devil's food, and then we started joking around if this is what he really likes.

I will hopefully post some more about our trip down south later. We are just glad to be back home.