Saturday, September 30, 2006

She Finally Lost It!!!

Friday morning was an exciting day at the Dear home. After weeks of wiggling, praying, and letting no one touch it Emily's tooth finally fell out. I am just thankful she did not swallow it. We have had several people offer to pull it, but she said she just wanted it to fall out. The tooth immediately went into the bag of the tooth fairy doll and she was awarded with the giant payout of $1 this morning. She was ready to spend it, but Hannah, the saver in the family, convinced her to wait. I guess this is one of many steps to her growing up into a lovely young lady.
If you cannot figure out which one fell out, it is the one on the bottom. She has the gap like her mom and sister. Sorry girls.


ashlynn310 said...

Tell her next time, Ms. Ashley said she had to be brave and pull it...the toothfairy brings more if you pull it out! :)

Anonymous said...

I was looking through scripture for the tooth fairy and couldnt find anything about it. Is that another name for angel perhaps? Just kidding!!!