Wednesday, March 21, 2007

my how time flies

December 2001

My dear hubby finally found some pictures I have been missing. They have been on a hard drive that has been on his computer at work, but he has not been able to transfer them to the home computer. Now that he has his new laptop the pictures have returned home. I have enjoyed looking at them and remembering all the fun we have had. Most of the pictures were around Emily's first year of life, and various other events. The girls have enjoyed looking at themselves. I thought our friends in Ohio would enjoy seeing a picture of the girls when they were younger. It has also been fun to see pics of my dear hubby and I younger as well. So, enjoy. They also still enjoy dressing up.

Question: I have a picture of my dear hubby and his friends at a wedding from about 6 yrs ago, should I post it?


Smiths Family Blog said...

Yes you should post it unless it involves the "Comb Over". Dont do that to him.

A few blogs ago you talked about a suprise, I pulled this one up and saw a new baby and I thought that was the suprise until I read that it was Emily. haha

Jeff Brooks said...

I vote yes.

sean said...

yes please, if you do I'll dig up a picture of my mullet.

My Dear Family said...

oh sean i must see the mullet!

Jeff Brooks said...

It would make up for him stealing your thunder!