Monday, July 16, 2007

It is not big enough to eat us yet?

I know you are just anxiously awaiting how our vacation was. It was great. We started our trip by visiting family and friends in AL(which including eating Mata's Pizza!!) before heading toward the beach. Thankfully in the wee hours Wednesday morning we pulled into the parking lot of our condo. Our vacation consisted mostly of swimming, playing at the beach, and eating of course. The girls are getting more fun and braver at the beach. We were afraid this time of year would be too busy, but it was not too bad. We picked out the best section of the beach to go to. We only had one day where the waves were too rough to play in. The most exciting and a little scary thing we got to see was a school of stingray swimming by, and it was a lot of them. I think our favorite day was the Fourth of July. There were alot of people there that day, but it was not bad. We arrived in the morning and stayed till late afternoon. The weather and waves were great! My dear hubby was happy with his spf50, book, and beach umbrella. We brought lunch and snacks, and I think it was just about the best family day we had had in a while. Emily even took a nap laying on her beach towel. The evening was capped off that night with BBQ at one of our favorite restaurants Sticky Fingers, and the we watched fireworks at Broadway at the Beach. It was just a wonderful day. What a day - Beach-BBQ-Fireworks!!

One exciting/scary night we went to watch fireworks at another shopping area of the beach and not realizing how close the fireworks would go off to us. We were hit by the shrapnel of exploding shells. It scared Emily, and it was SO loud were we decided to sit. Thankfully there was only one piece of cardboard that was still burning but it did not land near us. The fireworks were pretty though.

I am sure you are wondering if we tried anything new. Only Emily. I was able to sneak a fried scallop in with her shrimp, but she caught that and didn't care for that. She also tried smoked chicken wings like Hannah did last year and is anxiously awaiting to eat more of them. I was able to get my favorite soup - She Crab Soup - mmmmmGOOOD! Many have also asked Krispy Kreme count - 4 dozen.

One last exciting this - I finally beat my dear hubby in a round of putt-putt!! We played 36 holes - he won the first by 1 and then I came back to win the second round. Yea for me! Wii golf may be paying off?

I almost forgot. At our condo complex there is a pond behind our building. Every year we go out and feed the turtles, always fun and exciting for the girls. This year was a little more exciting - an alligator. He would come up and try to get the food we were throwing out and would come up to the side of the pond you were on. Thankfully he never came out, but my dear hubby called the sheriff's dept and they came and investigated. He was about 5-6 ft long, but they said he was too small to take out and that it could not eat anyone yet. Hopefully management will put up signs about not feeding the alligator and it will not be there next year.

But overall a nice relaxing time spent with the family!!


Frank said...

Ahhhhh dunno!

An alligator is an alligator. Teeth and a temper, even if they don't eat anyone.

Maybe fireworks could be set up on it so it'd bee kind of like a roving display!

Our Family said...

What a re-assuring criteria ,it can't eat you ----YET.

Tht sounds like a great vacation!

Your fireworks adventure reminds me of a few years ago when we took Grandma Keen to fireworks. She was so excited she backed her electric wheelchair over Drason's foot to get away from the too-close explosions!

ashlynn310 said...

So I am jealous...that I missed seeing you guys and of your vacation!! Sounds like you had fun!