Saturday, August 11, 2007

all's fun till the police show up.

Last night we had our Connect Group Social at our home. We had 56 people, yes, 56 people in our home. Everyone had a great time eating pizza and desserts and watching the movie. I cannot believe we had that many people in which we think about half of them were children. When we surveyed the damage after everyone left, I think we may have pizza boxes that stood about 4 ft tall. Inventory of items left - lawn chairs, socks, pacifier, sunscreen, sweatshirt, parachute toy soldier, and one child - oops sorry Hailey was suppose to stay. We did have to call the socializing to an end when the police showed up, but thankful it was not for our party. There was a burglar on the loose and the cops were out with the dogs trying to find him. The police wanted to make sure our people got to their cars safely. So thankfully no one called them on us.

Here is another item of business. We have these flowers blooming in our backyard. The blooms are almost the size of dinner plates. Will someone please enlighten on what kind of flower this is?


Our Family said...

So that's what happened to Macguines' sweatshirt! We had a great time, thanks for having us! That one book you mentioned had occured to me, hmmmmm.... :-)

gdevault1960 said...

Your flower is a hibiscus.