Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Today you turn 9! I can't believe it. You are growing up to be a godly young lady. I pray that you continue on that path. Here are 9 things that are wonderful about you -

  1. your kindness and generosity

  2. your willingness to put others first

  3. your sister is your best friend

  4. your organization - we are trying to figure out where you get it

  5. your love of reading

  6. your creativity

  7. your willingness to learn new things

  8. how beautiful you are on the inside as well as the outside

  9. you love for God and the desire to serve Him!

Hannah your Mom and Dad love you so much and are thankful that God gave you to us. Our prayer for you is that you will grow up to be a godly woman, mom, or whatever God wants you to be and that you will always follow Him. We know you are getting ready to enter a new stage in your life, and we want you to always we are on your side and will be here for you. WE LOVE YOU!!

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