Thursday, April 10, 2008

What.. Do my ears deceive me?

Got home last night and we knew no one was getting voted off AI last night. So I didn't really want to see the giving back. I am glad they are, but I just want to see rich stars asking for money. So, hubby and I were watching other things when we flipped over to fox to watch the news when we heard ...." Shout to the Lord all the earth let us sing..." WHAT - OH MY GOODNESS!! How fabulous. I heard they took out Jesus' name, but still it is out there. The Lord's name is out there! Could you image the impact that show could have for Jesus? If you caught Jason Castro's performance a couple of weeks was "Travelin" which actually mentions Jesus. I was thinking - maybe Mandisa had a great impact while she was there.

Did anyone else here this?


Smiths Family Blog said...

Sad that they had to leave out the name of Jesus, but praise the Lord, or should I Shout to the LORD!!! What a powerful song, they did a good job singing.


ashlynn310 said...

Did you watch last night and see not only did that song make it back but Jesus was put back in...interesting.

My Dear Family said...

have not watched last nights performances yet, but will.