Thursday, October 23, 2008

Truly Left (lost) Coast

I was perusing my normal blogs this morning and ran across this post in one of them. It makes me thankful that I homeschool my children and are not subjected to a field trip like this one. I also wonder where the parents were to say no to this type of field trip. And you wonder why other countries are passing us in education. This little trip was not educational. It was to serve their own liberal agenda. Please read her post and then click on the article she linked in her post. Be careful if you don't want to raise your blood pressure or lose your lunch.

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Susanne said...

I saw that too and posted about it. Sickos. I think I'd rather my husband take a job in a Middle Eastern country than in California. I would feel more out of place in the "land of fruits and nuts." Seriously, we need to pray for the people all over this country, but specifically the people on the West Coast and in New England. There is so much spiritual darkness there.