Monday, September 14, 2009

It has been a while...

I am not sure if anyone even reads this anymore, but we are still here. It has been a busy summer and now school has started back.

  • SBC Convention, Louisville, KY - nice time away with no kids, but hot!!
  • swimming lessons - great improvement from both girls
  • Beach Vacation - wonderful getaway and the girls tried new foods - crab legs, crawfish, steamed oysters, clams. me - i tried key lime pie ice cream from ben&jerrys - yummy!
  • a visit from Ashley - fun, fun, fun - we love visits from our southern friends
  • Noel's grandmother passed away - sad and will miss her.
  • Hannah took robotics class - loved it and will do again
  • Family Mission Trip to Pittsburgh - great family time serving the Lord.
  • I had a couple of families I photographed and a wedding or two.
  • Had our first field trip to Georgia Aquarium and American Girl Store

So, pretty busy for the Dears. School has started back with all the extras with it. Both girls have added a dance class. Hannah is learning to play the flute for homeschool band. I am getting geared up to take senior pictures for this fall in addition to a couple of families. Get on the schedule - fall is coming early. I also am still teaching piano with a couple of spots available.

Maybe I can keep everyone up to date with the family better this fall.

Later Peeps!!

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ashlynn310 said...

I had sooo much fun coming to visit! By the way...CONGRATULATIONS on the marathon today!!!!