Thursday, February 11, 2010

SNOW DAYS... when will they end

Things have been hopping around the Dear house lately, and I have been totally neglect this blog. Currently we are under almost 2 feet of snow, and I am just plain tired of it. Even as I am typing - it is snowing again! Yes it is pretty, but it wreaks havoc on my hardwood floors and I figure I will be able to clean them in June. My girls are even tired of it, unlike most kids who dream of snow days. Being homeschoolers - we still have school. Sorry girls, but you will thank me when you are done for the year while others are still in school.

Another reason for delay in posting was my anniversary cruise to the Caribbean. Hubby and I celebrate 15 years in July, and what better way to celebrate than being in a tropical location in January while there is snow on the ground. We had a wonderful time being alone together with no internet or cell phone. We never missed our phones, but we did miss our girls. They had fun hanging out with their Grammy, Nana, and Papa Jim. On the cruise we did get to see some things we have never seen before. Plus, we did eat some interesting things as well. We developed a love for goat cheese and fresh pineapple. I did take alot of pictures, and it is going to take me awhile to go thru them all and organize them. We definitely enjoyed cruising, and we hope to do it again one day.

Here are some pics of our snow. This is off our deck.

Looking down our street.

Looking up into our tree in the front yard.

Now don't you wish you were here....

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