Friday, June 30, 2006

Vacation is Near!!

Our family is anxiously awaiting for when we leave for the beach. We leave 2 weeks from today. We counted up the days we will be there 13 DAYS!!! YIPPEEE!! This girls will get to start a week early. Nana and Papa Jim will be coming next week for the girls and they will go home with them in Alabama before joining us in South Carolina. What will I ever do with no kids for a few days. Clean house - maybe / maybe not. Tanning bed and gym here I come.

My dear husband is surprising me with an early anniversary present. Since we will be traveling on our actually anniversary date we are celebrating while the kids are gone. We were trying to decide what to do, and he asked if he could pick it and surprise me. I said yes since this is the man who surprised me with New Orleans (preKatrina) and Cancun. He is taking me the fabulous Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. WOW!! I can't believe. I thought maybe one day get to visit (especially the bunker), but never get to stay. Did you know there was a dress code to be on property? Well, there is. I have been given the go ahead to buy a dress for dinner. I have such a wonderful husband. This is second gift he has given me this year that has made me cry. It makes it really hard to be mad at him. I LOVE NOEL DEAR!!!

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