Saturday, July 08, 2006

What ever am I going to do?

Yesterday, we took the girls to Louisville, KY, meet with Nana and Papa Jim. All the way the girls kept asking, "Are we there yet?" and "How much longer?". Usually one or the other will sleep on the trip, but today NO. I think they were too excited to see Nana. So with the kids gone I can do whatever and go where ever I want, within reason. I did tell Noel last night that I do already miss the girls. I know the girls had fun last night. They were getting to stay in a hotel, and do you know what that means. You get to jump on the bed! This morning they were going to a "junk sale" as Noel calls it or a flea market to most. Nana and Papa Jim are excited about that, and I know the girls will have fun and find something they want.

But Noel and I do have a busy week. Noel wil be busy with his root canal and church, I am busy working on VBS decorations, cleaning out the playroom with girls gone, and packing for the BEACH! As far as VBS decorations go, anyone who is reading this and has nothing to do on Monday join us at the church, we are "blowing up " buildings.

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