Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Quick update

Sorry for the delay of updates. After vacation we hit the ground running of getting ready for vacation bible school. I hope to give you more detail and pics of vacation soon.

So here is a brief synopsis of vacation -
  • week with no children - quiet
  • Greenbrier Resort - wonderful, #1
  • 2000 miles on the car before we get to the beach - LONG car ride
  • Myrtle Beach - fun, fun, fun
  • our new favorite TV show - 24

Once VBS is over I will have a little more time.


ashlynn310 said...

I'm so glad the 1st night went well! It's always amazing how it just seems to come together at the last minute! Can't wait to see pics! Also, we need to plan our get together soon! Jenny will be here a week from Thursday.

Jeff Brooks said...

You will regret not watching the seasons in order!

Susanne said...

Sounds like a great vacation! Glad you're back. I like 24 too!