Saturday, December 09, 2006

"The Happiest Place on Earth"

I am sitting here thinking about all that happened on our vacation. I am so thankful we were able to take the girls to the "Happiest Place on Earth" - Disneyworld! We had a great time in sunny, warm Florida. We were keeping up with the weather here in Ohio, and just thankful where we were. For those of you wondering, Noel's ears did not bother him thanks to ear tubes he had put in before we left. We chose this time of year because the crowds are suppose to be lighter. If this is the low time I would hate to see peak visiting time. I was also thankful my children are no longer in need of strollers! They were everywhere!!! As well as the scooters for adults. If you ask the girls, it was the greatest vacation of their lives. We could not of asked for better weather, good flights, hotels, and food. Yes, Disney food is good.

We arrived in Disney last Friday and set off to the parks as soon as we checked in. MGM Studios was the first park we went to. I was saving Magic Kingdom for Hannah's Bday. Hannah was willing to ride anything, but Emily decided not to ride the Tower of Terror while in line and we had to do a parent switch. Emily had a chance to be one of the ride bellhop greeters but did not want to put the costume on because she thought it looked like a boy. Oh well. Hannah got to ride the Tower 2 times in a row, once with Noel and then once with me. I put Noel on it first just to find out how it was. This is a ride that drops you in an elevator multiple times, and you never know how many because it is different every time. It was fun. Our first day was fun, but it was a long day because we had been up since 4:30 that morning, and Emily fell asleep at dinner that night.

The next day we spent at Animal Kingdom and Epcot. At Animal Kingdom they have the coolest ride - Everest. We all rode it (although Emily did it with her eyes closed) and loved it! There is a show at AK that is called "It's Tough to be a Bug", that we went to. Emily who is terrified of bugs even wanted to go. It is one the new 3D movies with air blowing and smells. The creepiest part was at the end. I will not give it away, but it even freaked me out. That night we went to Epcot and got to ride Mission Space and Test Track. Both were very fun. I told Noel Test Track was like riding with him. Also, while at Epcot we went to Turtle Talk with Crush and he told Hannah Happy Birthday which was pretty cool.

Sunday was the most anticipated day - Hannah's Bday and Magic Kingdom. They were so excited to see the Castle and to see Cinderella. Six months ago I scheduled breakfast with the Princess' in the Castle. These are very sought after reservation. I probably could have sold them on ebay. The girls got to have their picture taken with Cinderella and during the meal Belle, Fairy Godmother, Jasmine, and Snow White came around for autographs and pictures. All VERY exciting. We got to ride all the rides, see shows, parades, and fireworks. We told Hannah we had it all arranged for her. (Don't tell her otherwise ;) ) Emily was excited during the fireworks because Tinkerbell flew overhead. We can say we shut down MK that night. We were there till 11 p.m.

I could go on about all we did, but I will not bore you. We rode just about every ride at every park. We ate around the world at Epcot World Showcase, saw Mario Lopez, had breakfast with Mickey Mouse, dinner with Goofy (no I do not mean Noel), rode in the tea cups with Alice in Wonderland, walked for it seemed like miles, and just had a great time. So many things happened, so it is hard to put them all down. I only took about 300 pictures so I will be working on the scrapbook album soon. If you get to go in the future I have one word for you FASTPASS. To sum it all up - memories to last a lifetime!

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