Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today was an exciting day at the Dear house. We finally got to have a snow day! We did have church this morning, but cancelled services for tonight because of the potential for ice. Our city after many false alarms and non-events was not exactly ready for the snow showers. So the roads were not exactly ready to drive on. We did do a little sliding into church this morning. I was just thankful the streets were not too busy. We arrived at church today with people busily salting and shoveling sidewalks, parking lots, and steps. I still think the kid in everyone of us gets excited to see snow sometimes, especially us who lived in the south most of their lives. My girls were wondering if they would get to play in it today since it was a Sunday. When I picked them up after church I told them they would get to play in it b/c we didn't have church tonight. Their eyes got so big, and they could not wait to get home.

After lunch the girls could not wait to get their snow clothes on. I think they beat the land speed record getting dressed. I was just thankful their boots still fit. My dear hubby put plastic bags on his feet in between 2 layers of socks. His mom would be so proud. We had fun pulling the girls on the sled, throwing snowballs, but the highlight was building the snowman. Of course you know me, I did take alot of pictures and video. This is the first time the girls have gotten to do that. Thanks to Ms. Angela we had a snowman kit, and he was the most fashionable snowman on the block. I also got to make snow ice cream for the family. We had put a bowl out a couple of days ago when it snowed in hopes of getting enough, but today was the day. In the south you just don't get to have this delicasy very often. If you want it you have to buy it is the freezer section at your local grocery store, it is called Mayfield's Snow Cream. But, the homemade was enjoyed by all!

I know many of our Ohio friends may make fun of us, but we were finally able to enjoy this day because no one had to go to work or school. To all my friend down south - YA'LL COME!


ashlynn310 said...

The snow looks pretty, but I'll pass on the level of cold required to have snow!

Jeff Brooks said...

Does that mean you wouldn't have allowed them to play in the snow if church had not been cancelled that night? :) :)

Susanne said...

I'm so jealous!!