Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Tale of the Toilet

As many of you know the new home we bought was a foreclosure. Foreclosures in many instances are not in good shape, but thankfully not too much was wrong with this house. The only problem we have consistently been having is a toilet in the master bath not flushing correctly. I was thankful it was not the guest bathroom. We would have to plunge it every time we flushed. It was very frustrating. We thought we may have to call a plumber, take the toilet up, or check our homeowners insurance to see if it would be covered. I just wanted it fixed. All the other toilets worked great.

Yesterday my dear hubby bought a toilet auger for one last shot of trying to fix it before taking it up or calling a plumber. The auger brought final success!! You would not believe what was stopping up our toilet - a nose hair trimmer! We guess the former owner or child of owner must have flushed it, why I don't know, but now our toilet flushes. The plunger can now take up residence in the basement.

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sean said...

hoooraaaay! let the toilets all over the world flush with one voice. freeeeeedommmmmm!