Thursday, February 07, 2008

We're doing OK

Many of you have asked and wondered, but so far the girls and I are doing ok. We are just trying to stay busy as if we are not already. Today was exciting. We went to the Midland to see Cinderella's Mice and then on to Coco Key. Now, that was alot of fun. The girls had friends there and had a great time. I also had fun hanging out with the homeschool moms and enjoy adult conversation. If you have not been to Coco Key it is alot of fun! Maybe we can have a class party there?

Dear hubs is ok - I just miss him! As I type he is in the air on to Nairobi.

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Amanda said...

Still hanging in there? hope things are going well for you all. Thanks for updating the pastor's blog - it is nice to be able to pray specifically for them, and to know that they are all ok.