Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I think we may have the plague

For the past 2 weeks we have been swimming in the sea of tissues and snot. Gross I know. Top it off I have been down with a pinched nerve in my lower back - painful but thanks to the chiropractor I am now feeling some relief. Yesterday we were presented with one kid with a fever stomach ache and no appetite and the other pink eye. YEAH throw in vomiting and diarrhea I think we would have a trifecta. So, this morning we were at the doctor bright and early. I was hoping for a twofer, sorry. I am glad and thankful we don't , but for the cost of seeing a doctor we should have had strep.

  • Diagnosis virus and pinkeye. - $$$
  • Medicine for pinkeye and warts on leg(didn't get that filled - wow at the price) - $$ ($$$ if I purchased the wart medicine)
  • Trying to get eye drops in your oldest who is worried it will hurt and is already complaining before I get the bottle open - PRICELESS. Really for what I paid will the dr. come do it for me?

Will someone come bathe my home in Purell?


Jeff Brooks / TwoTwenty Ministries said...

Maybe you should see a dentist? or get some Plax.

Jeff Brooks / TwoTwenty Ministries said...
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Amanda said...

With all that going on I am really glad you stayed away Sunday - no offense - good luck!

My Dear Family said...

wow, jeff i thought you had fallen off the earth.

UPDATE THE H has fever now.

Jeff Brooks / TwoTwenty Ministries said...

Or maybe a cardiologist?

For some strange reason, "I think we may have the plaque[sic]" also causes me to picture Chad Miller's mom asking him if he was "smoking the pot?"

ashlynn310 said...

Hope everyone is starting to feel better!!