Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hookt on foniks

As many of you know we are a homeschooling family. Our youngest is learning phonics and we are almost through learning the special sounds. She is a very good reader for her age. There are alot of them out there and some can throw you for a loop. The English language is pretty odd if you think about it.

Today hubby and I were presented with a word today that I figured out before he did. The little one was IMing him (because you know we are a techno savvy family) and received this message. We all had a great laugh and when you look at it - it does make sense. It is a phrase we here often at our home from hubby. Let us see if you can figure it out.

  • What is the skejwill

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Amanda said...

Yeah I need a different one - less late night blogging, cute