Saturday, July 12, 2008


After a much needed vacation we are back home. We had a great time hanging out as a family without the phone ringing or dsl. The weather was wonderful - hot, often humid, but always a breeze. This year was fun because we were able to meet up with some friends and family. We had dinner a couple of nights with the Chicos and one night with the Morfords. Nana and Papa Jim came up for the weekend as well.

Here are some highlights of the trip:
  • 3 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts
  • hours sitting on the beach doing nothing.
  • finishing a book
  • wonderful seafood
  • being awaken with grande sugar free vanilla latte - thanks hubby
  • boat trip - girls favorite
  • finding some AWESOME deals shopping and shopping in general
  • trying to beat hubs in wii pool
  • found our new fav wii game - Big Beach Games
  • watching 4th of July fireworks on the beach
  • hermit crabs
  • seeing the new American Girl movie - Kit Kittredge. (by the way this is a very good movie and we highly recommend seeing)

As you can see we had a great time, but now back to life. I will try to post pics later.

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ashlynn310 said...

Glad you guys had a great vacation! Can't wait to see the pics!