Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Family Memories

This week our family has been making memories of outing we have never done. We had planned on going to the Ohio State Fair this week, but we decided to check out the Hartford Fair instead. Pastor Wally had mentioned how their family enjoys it and decided to go especially since it was closer. Mostly we went for foods on sticks.

First night we went we enjoyed a stunt show. It was exciting, but when you have seen the stunt show spectacular as Disneyworld it pales in comparison. We did find though delicious corn dogs and fried cheese on a stick.

Last night hubs was wanting another delicious corn dog from the fair so we decided to go again. It was the truck and tractor pull night. Oh, my it is some high class entertainment. Granted it was fun to see the the tractor would make it far, see the smoke billowing out it, and to decrease your hearing all at the same time. I knew it was going to be loud, but not THAT loud. It was fun, but enjoyed looking at the people that were there. If you like to people watch go to a local fair.

We also enjoyed looking at animals. Where else can you enjoy entertainment like a tractor pull mixed with the smell of fried food and manure. I joke and kid but we really had fun. Go support your local fair and eat some corndogs. I am just sorry I did not take my camera to catch all the action.


ashlynn310 said...

I am also sorry you didn't take your camera.

So there are rednecks in Ohio too?

My Dear Family said...


Shane "George" Lambert said...

Noel craving a corn dog?

That's got to be a sign of the apocalypse.