Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AWANA Bible Quizzing

This past Saturday was our State AWANA Bible Quizzing. Hannah participated last year and had fun. She was excited again when it was time again for it. She was hoping she would have a partner from the church, but there was no one. Luckily there were 2 other girls going but they were quizzing in a different book. Hannah worked very hard on her verses and all the definitions she had to memorize. Since she didn't receive any ribbons last year, she definitely want to get at least a High Honors ribbon this year. She put in the work.

When we got to quizzing there was another single team and they were able to pair up. Hannah was very excited. During paddle quiz they did well as did our other team, and all we were waiting on was the scoring of the written test. Our Book 1 team won 2nd place (out of 15 teams) and both girls got High Honors. Then it came to Book 2 teams. Hannah and her teammate won 3rd place out of 14 teams. We were very happy for her, and then they announced the individual awards. Well, all of Hannah's hard work paid off - she got Quiz Champion for Book 2 (and the only perfect score for book 2). The greatest thing was that she realized that she knew all her work she did preparing for the quiz paid off. WAY TO GO HANNAH!!!

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ashlynn310 said...

Yay for Hannah!!