Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

This is one phrase is have been enjoying to here for the past 7 years. The girls were so excited about Mother's Day. Noel had carried them earlier in the week to work on my present. They were so funny when they came home. I tried to get some info out of them, but all they would say is you have to wait. They wouldn't even tell me where they ate lunch. I thought I could get some information out of Emily, but she would budge.

Due to the business of Noel on Sundays, we celebrated on Saturday. The girls made breakfast in bed for me as well as giving me their presents. They had made a beautiful necklace and watch with the help of Jackie Chico for me. I couldn't wait to wear them on Sunday, of which I did. It was just a nice day of doing what I wanted to do. Noel and the girls cooked all the meals, and even cleaned the kitchen. It is such a blessing to have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful girls who love their mom. Noel also gave me a great present as well, an itunes gift card. To some that may not seem exciting, but I wanted some new tunes for my ipod. I don't workout without it.

This weekend all in all was a nice relaxing weekend of just hanging around the house, and not having to be anywhere except to go to church.

Update on dance recital info - Finally received the schedule of recital performances - they are both on the same night! :) !!!!!! And to boot mom will be here to see both of the girls dance. Counting down the days till moms arrival - 23 and counting!!

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ashlynn310 said...

SO glad you had a great Mother's Day!!