Friday, May 26, 2006

Gym Show

Last night was the girls gymnastics show. Picture 6 different classes doing their skills on different apparatuses at the same time on the hottest day in Ohio this year. We were glad the girls were at the same time on the same day but trying to watch them both was a little difficult. But all in all Hannah and Emily did a great job. They have improved from last year. Hannah can do a pull over, cartwheel, and many other things. Emily can do a front flip and back flip, while having fun, as well as other things. We are very proud of our girls.

Now we can look forward to the marathon dance recital practices. :\


ashlynn310 said...

How warm did it get? Yesterday was the warmest day here so far and there was actually a little humidity. It was hysterical to listen to everyone grumble about it...I just kept thinking about REAL humidity in AL!

My Dear Family said...

It got up to around 85. Outside it was not too bad, just windy. Being inside an unairconditioned gym was hot. You can tell it on Hannah's face. I know some people have no concept of humidity and heat index. Yesterday was the first we cut on our air conditioner.