Tuesday, September 25, 2007

oh to breathe again

My allergies have kicked in with the combination of Ohio weather, I long to breathe normally again. Maybe with some rain coming in it will wash some of this away. I pray this is the only cold for the season.

We have a busy weekend and week coming up. Saturday the girls and I fly out to MS to see my mom. We are attended a family reunion among other things this next week This is my mom's side of the family. I remember growing up attending this reunion every year. Since I have been in college and married I don't make too many of them anymore, and the main reason - it is on a Sunday. This reunion does have good memories is seeing my cousins, playing in the park, and going to the zoo afterwards. I have memories of my parents would always bring the drinks to the reunion and they were the bottles of various Coke products - CocaCola, Tab, Sprite, Nehi Grape. My cousins and I would always collect the bottle caps. I don't remember much about the food except for buckets of KFC and my mom's banana pudding. Many of my cousins now have families of their own and are scattered across the country. My grandfather of whom this is his family is no longer living. So, there will be many people at this reunion that we will not know other than my mom and probably a handful of people. One thing I am looking forward to - my aunt's coconut cake and maybe some banana pudding.

The girls will get to see some new places while we are in MS. We are studying MS in school, so we plan to visit several sites around the great state. Fun, Fun. The most exciting thing is MSU Homecoming on Saturday. Getting to eat Lil Dooeys BBQ, hearing the band, and all the other festivities is just very exciting.

Here is your pick'em results for week #4 -
  • #1 - me
  • #2 - emily
  • #3 - hannah
  • #4 - dear hubby - although he says he got the first 10 picks right but did not import them to the family pickem. if i believe him he would be ahead of me by one point.

Everyone have great week.

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Our Family said...

If?? Nah, I think the standing look pretty good. Have fun on your trip!