Monday, September 10, 2007

because you just needed to know...

OK, here it is the weekly update in the pick'em -
  • #1 - Dear Hubby
  • #2 - Me
  • #2 - Hannah
  • #4 - Emily
As far as the cumulative total dear hubby and I are tied. This week was pretty close. We went back and forth until the last game was played. I know dear hubby did not enjoy his game, but one thing that did please me was that the game ended at 1am, and I did not have to watch him be sad for the rest of the day. An upbeat part of the day was the win by my DAWGS!! YEA!!(insert cowbell ringing).

Today we purchase our tickets for the MSU Homecoming game, and I am sooooo excited about being there celebrating the university and being with all my closest MSU friends. This weekend should be exciting around the house - it is the MSU vs AUBURN game with Taylor Hicks as the halftime entertainment. There will not be much conversation between the dear hubby and I during the game. We will most likely be watching the game in separate rooms. But, it will be fun just to see some great SEC football. The game is at Auburn so it will tough for the Dawgs, but Appy St and South FL give us hope. Whatever happens it is just a game (right Sean).

Please keep my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law in your prayers. Rita needs some lifting up during this time taking care of her mom.

For all my northern friends who would like to hear some good southern women conversation please check out boomama and listen to hear podcast with bigmama. Enjoy!

Wishing you a great day in the Lord!

P.S. As I have been sitting here typing the girls are getting into bed. Hannah has her radio listen to Christian music and singing along to the song "Heart of Worship" I am just about to cry. I thank the Lord for my little girls!

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