Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Coffee of the future

Dear hubby has done it again. I love him so much. Yesterday he surprised me with a little present. A Keurig coffeemaker. I am the only one in the family who enjoys a good cup of coffee. I would enjoy it every morning, but I don't enjoy the making of it for one cup. I have been looking at some of the fancy machines that use the little pods, but I have been content on what I have. The one maker I have is fabulous Braun. I actually won it on a TV show about 11 yrs ago. Anyway, I am now the proud owner of one the fancy one cup coffee makers. It never has to be clean. I don't know how much water it holds, but all I have to do it choose what cup I want and what flavor I want from my wide assortment of k-cups I know have. No more counting spoons, cleaning the filter, or waiting. Hot cup of coffee in 60 seconds! It will even make hot tea and cocoa.

Hubs tried out this coffeemaker at the office and Wally and Shawn want one.

Some of you may think that in my last post I may be doing the encouraging for more gifts - NO! I am enjoying being a blessing to my hubby and thinking of ways to bless him. We are having fun!

Anyone for a cup of coffee?


Jeff said...

Feel free to donate any of the "Coffee of the Past" to your CONNECT Group!

Only question I have, does it taste better or just more convenient?

ashlynn310 said...

That is fun! I've always thought those would be neat to have.