Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ordering Hiking Boots

I just ordered dear hubby some hiking boots for his trip to Africa. We looked at many different types with many different prices. The ones we purchased are from Cabela's. I looked at other items and just think some things are funny. OK. Since I have placed my first order from Cabela's, does that mean I have to go hunting? Will I now be one their mailing list? If you want the catalog when it comes, just let me know. I would much rather have Pottery Barn.

On another note. Basement is almost done and you can see the floor in the storage area of the basement and most of the toys are in the basement. YEAH!!


queenhaiku said...

wow! most of the toys at our house are on most of the floors! i came across your blog and wanted to say hi from KY!

Amanda said...

Yes, you will now get hunting magazines for all eternity. Trust me, I know. Eventually your hubby will say thinkgs like "Has my magazine come in the mail yet", and you will realize he is talking about a catalog :-)