Monday, March 10, 2008

BLIZZARD 08 - Pics Finally!!!

After a long day of shoveling the driveway and deck we ventured out to see if we could have church on Sunday. This is the way Main St. looked. We are at the corner of 33rd and Main.

This is the view out our front door. You can see the deep ruts in the snow. No one was getting out this early.

Remember the plants in the above picture. Here they are after the shoveling. Sorry Greg, I hope they will survive.

Here are Hannah and Emily standing next to the mail box on a snow bank. No, our mailbox is not that short, it is the snow bank that tall.

Hubby wanted everyone to know how deep the snow was he had been shoveling. Ask him how much the snowed weighed on the deck. It was ALOT of snow!!! I did help not just take pictures.

Thankfully in the afternoon the snowplow came and the entire street cheered them on. After they came thru it allow some good sledding on the street. We did have one snow bank we shoveled come up to my thigh. Did I say we had ALOT of snow?

what is up with google? i am trying to post pics, but it is not working. hopefully it will soon. has everyone dug themselves out? no cow racing but we did play carnival games. note to self - let hubby go first in a new game.


ashlynn310 said...

Holy Cow! Alabama would by shut down for a month! I wish we would get some of that though. All our snow (all half an inch of it) melted Saturday morning by 9 am.

sean said...

Wow! pastor doesn't look so happy
can't blame him though my back still hurts and I had help. Of course we did it Friday night after the first round I think that helped. Anyway, let the melt begin it is golf season.

Smiths Family Blog said...

He actually does own jeans. I honestly thought I would have seen him out there in dress pants and a button down shirt shoveling the snow.

My Dear Family said...

that was the day before. didn't get a pic of that

Jeff said...

what happened to the snow blower you bought?

My Dear Family said...
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My Dear Family said...

mom in law purchase blower, he thought it was too much snow for it to handle