Friday, March 07, 2008

Gross Weather!!

For all you readers not in the midwest, our weather is really gross currently - level 2 snow emergency, bad roads and snow for 2 days with potential 17 inches - YUCK!! We were planning a family outing to a hockey game, but now staying in and watching the snow. Maybe we can strike up a game of Cow Racing on the Wii.

Anyway, I have been playing with some pictures on photoshop and wanting to see what ya'll think.


Amanda said...

very pretty - Hannah looks so young! Great weather for sledding, building a snow man and using the fire place, did you ever find snow pants?

Jeff said...

maybe your husband can catch up on his blog today??

ashlynn310 said...

LOVE the pictures! You are great at taking and photoshopping them. We need to bring the little man for a photo shoot...but maybe after all your lovely winter weather is gone!