Friday, March 20, 2009

Living Proof Recap

I am sorry I am late in doing a recap, but it has been a busy week with shuffling of schedules, trade show, and new Bible study. I have a few minutes so here goes...

Last weekend Penny, Carol, Stephanie, Heather and myself set out for Nashville to the Living Proof Live for minister/staff wives. We left on a Thursday night so we could do a little shopping and recover from the long drive. The trip down was pretty uneventful, but we did meet up with a little snow and rain going through parts of KY and TN - nothing major. Friday we did a little of shopping and hanging out. We couldn't do any sight seeing because it was too rainy and foggy. I was hoping for nice sunny warm weather down south, but instead cold and rainy - YUCKY!! Friday night was the first session at the Two Rivers Baptist Church. We had good seats, and it was the closest I have ever been to seeing Beth Moore and Travis. It felt weird watching them live and not on a big screen and in a big arena. The worship was wonderful!!! Beth was on fire and FUNNY!! It is nothing like worshiping with 1200 other ministry wives. We did not get in too late on this night, but you know when women get together we like to talk. So another late night. So much we bonded over, and will be struck from the tape.

Saturday was an early morning, and Penny got us even better seats. It was another morning of worship and teaching from Beth. She had a word for us wives to encourage us and help us fight the fight. We had special praying for Cindy Winters, the wife of pastor who was killed. It was a special time coming together lifting up a sister in the Lord. We learned we need to - KEEP THE KING THE THING - JESUS!!! We just wish it could have lasted all day.

So we set off back home after noon. We were going to grab lunch and head back. Well this is where it all goes south. I was driving and looked down and saw a light on that I don't have in my car (we were in a rental van). Some said it was low tire pressure, so we decided to stop somewhere and get it looked at when we were stopping for lunch. We were in the process of pulling off the interstate when the tire goes FLAT!!! So we get pulled to the median on the off ramp. We had just passed the TDOT emergency roadside assistance, and he was there to help us. So picture, 5 women in a van on the side of the interstate off ramp, pouring rain, and a flat tire. God was definitely on our side that the tire didn't explode, and we didn't go out of control, and we had just passed TDOT. I called the rental company, and we get instructions of what to do, and I did ask for a replacement van. I was not going to wait on a tire to be fixed and the brakes were already not sounding good anyway. We get everything fixed and get ready to go. I crank the van - NOTHING! The battery had gone dead while were getting our tire fixed. We couldn't help but laugh. Thankfully TDOT "Sam" was still there to give us a jump. Yes we named him - it is short for Samaritan. So finally we are on our way to the airport to get our replacement van. They told me I had to fill the van up before returning, but I couldn't stop yet because I needed to charge the battery back up. There is nothing like driving a van on a major interstate in the rain, and with a donut tire. We finally get to the airport, but I forgot to stop to get gas. So, we had to leave the airport in search for gas. It was getting later in the day, and we had still not had lunch. Finally, we returned the defective van and got the new one. We did feel better with this van since it had Texas tags.

So about 2-3 hrs later that expected we finally get to stop for lunch. We were starting to get into the early dinner crowd, that is how late it was getting. I was never so glad to finally get on the road and get home. I felt bad for my hubby, because he was dealing with getting one kid to a birthday party and having to get kids in showers ready for Sunday in addition to his own prep for Sunday. (do you think I owe him creme brulee?)

Fours hours after we had originally planned, we are on the road armed with Starbucks and Krispy Kreme. I was thankful the rain stopped after we got out of TN. We all couldn't help but laugh at what happened. We had fun talking more on the way home and learning more about each other. They all helped me stay awake. We finally made it home about 1 AM Sunday safely.

So if you saw us Sunday looking a little tired - that is why. Thank you husbands for letting us go away this weekend. We had a great time, and can't wait till we can do it again. Hopefully with less drama.

Here are some pics from the weekend.

Here is Beth. We loved this outfit.

Travis leading in worship. He was awesome!!!

The wives.

The van on the side of the road.

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Amanda said...

You seriously took a picture of the van on the side of the road, sometimes you crack me up!