Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bowl Eligible!!!!

The mighty DAWGS have beaten another team in Alabama. As one commenter said it is MSU who is the Iron Bowl Champs. I never imagined our little team would be 6-4. We have 2 games left Ark and Ole Miss. I am just shocked we won, and very excited. I believe dear hubby is just praying we don't get a New Years Day game, because if we do guess were we will be. Believe me I will hold him to it. All I can say is way to go DAWGS!

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Susanne said...

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess all is silent up there in Ohio?? My Ohio St. neighbors were sad about yesterday.

I wish I'd gone to the Bama game instead of the Tennessee game!! My brother was there, and his voice was gone after the game. Fun times.

One more time...GO DAWGS!!!