Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is is Possible?

*UPDATE*: New videos of the State available at my friend's Sue's blog on her Nov. 14th post.

In a recent article in a MS newspaper states that if MSU could win out we would play on New Years Day. Dear hubby's nightmare could come true. To see him in maroon and white sitting there cheering on my Dawgs. What a wonderful Christmas present that would be! It would be so nice if this would happen. I have learned though from watching all the OSU fans up here don't count your chickens before they hatch. Playing in the Cotton Bowl would be nice, but being bowl eligible and watching them in post season play would be exciting enough. The funny thing about it is that if were too happen we could possibly play Texas A&M. We would have a rematch of the Snow Bowl. Wouldn't that be fun MG? You can vote for the Dawgs here please and Coach Croom here.

Ok to change the subject COMPLETELY. I receive email updates from AFA (American Family Assoc.). I received this one last night and if further confirms why I don't particularly care for Lowes - Lowe's refuses to call them "Christmas trees," chooses to call them "Family trees" . I will not be purchasing my CHRISTMAS tree from them this year. I plan on going to a CHRISTMAS TREE farm to get my CHRISTMAS TREE to celebrate CHRISTMAS with my family. I hope their trees just sit on the shelf. I am looking forward to celebrating this wonderful holiday this year and I think it will be one of our best CHRISTMASES ever. To email Lowes to express your thoughts click here. To view the ad click here.


Smiths Family Blog said...

I clicked your link and I was ready to give them a piece of my mind (Mot too much though, theres not alot left) and was happy to see the following posted:

Lowe's is proudly committed to selling Christmas trees this year!


Lowe's has contacted the AFA and assures us that it is proudly committed to selling Christmas trees this year, as it has done for more than 60 years. The company apologized for the confusion created in its 2007 holiday catalog when it headlined the page of Christmas trees "family trees." The error was not caught before the publication was distributed, and Lowe's says it is disappointed in the breakdown in its proofing process.

Lowe's assures us that they refer to trees as Christmas trees in this season's television and magazine ads and in its advertising flyers. The company says it is redoubling its efforts to proof its catalogs in the future to prevent this issue from recurring.

We appreciate Lowe's for listening to its customers and responding appropriately to our concerns.

Smiths Family Blog said...

Please try not to use MSU and OSU in the same paragraph. MSU fans (all 14 of you) might mistakingly think MSU ranks anywhere near OSU. There is a big difference between 10-1 and 6-4. Thanks.