Monday, November 05, 2007

If you are good...

It is that time of year when I start thinking about our Christmas card pictures. Sometimes I take them when we are at the beach, while I did do that and loved the pictures I had already given some of them out so I decided to do another set a pictures. Thankfully since I enjoy taking pictures and my new lens had come in, I was ready to take them. I wanted to take them outside before it got too cold, so last week was perfect. Yes, I took pictures on Halloween. I think it was an appropriate way to celebrate that day - taking Christmas Pictures. I was using part of our neighbors backyard, and it was funny to see them come out dressed in costume while the girls were dressed Christmassy.

The girls don't always enjoy being my models, but I promised that if they were good I would take fun pictures of what they wanted as well as mine and we would get cream slushes from Sonic. They complied thankfully and took some great pics. Grape slushes all around!

I am hoping to get out card out earlier this year. My goal is to beat a friend of mine with her card. Every year her card it the first one we receive. It is usually a day or two after Thanksgiving. Maybe she is not reading this and we may get her card next week. If I don't get everyones out I may just get one to her. I actually do have our cards already and they are just waiting on me to get the pictures printed. I was a savvy shopper and got them after Christmas last year. I also need to update the Christmas card list as well. So if your address has changed in the last year please let me know if you expect to get a card.

Here are some of the fun pics we took

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sean said...

what great pictures, your girls are great kids, it might be because of good parenting, jury is still out(Ha,Ha,). Please send card, one of the whole family would be nice this year.