Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tell me NO!!!

This just in. Due to the writers strike this has happened. I think Jack needs to save us from this strike.

"Jack Bauer will return to save the world on “24” — again — but somewhat later than expected. And Michael Scott, the comically obtuse regional manager on “The Office,” will not be serving up any original cringe-inducing comments after next week.
As television and movie writers entered the third day of their strike against Hollywood producers yesterday, the walkout continued to complicate matters for the networks.
Fox, the first to announce revisions to its prime-time schedule because of the strike, said it would indefinitely postpone the start of the seventh season of “24,” which had been scheduled for January, to ensure an uninterrupted 24-episode season. For more info on some of the other shows check out this article. "

This strike may be good for families again. They will be able to spend time together talking, playing board games, and generally hanging out again.


Smiths Family Blog said...

If you were watching good TV shows like Biggest Loser and House you wouldnt have to worry about missing the new season. What are you talking about? Families are supposed to spend time togeather? I think I need a sermon on that first.

Jeff said...

Sounds like your family is watching tooooooooo much TV!

Maybe someone is trying to tell you something?

How about Dancing with the Stars? That seems to rate highly on your TV scale.