Monday, November 19, 2007

Do they look professional?

As a few of you know I am busily working on our Christmas cards. I have gotten the return address labels done, the cards (I think those are important to have), the list hopefully finalized, and all that was left was to get the pics printed. I normally use Shutterfly to print my pictures but I needed them earlier so I settled for Walmart pics which are good don't get me wrong. I had sent some of the pictures I had taken a few weeks ago to print no problem. Today I order my 65 pictures and I get a phone call. I was in the middle of teaching piano so I did not answer the phone. I listened to my phone message before heading out to pick up my pictures and I was shocked at my message. Walmart asked me if I could bring a release from the photographer to pick up my pictures. I was amazed and flattered. I couldn't wait to call dear hubby. Is this God confirming that I need to be a photographer or was this a one shot deal? Thankfully I was able to get my pics because I had not deleted the pictures of my camera. So, If you get one of my pictures they are copyrighted so no scanning! :-D

Here are some examples for your pleasure. Let me know what you think, and can you tell me which baby is which?


Anonymous said...

The picture of the girls look as if it were from a magizine spread. Jenny and I were looking at them yesterday and both said the same thing. Love and miss you all. ~ Denise Smith

amy said...

Beautiful pictures Donna. Yes they do look professional. I still get compliments about the pictures that you did of Hailey and Josh, many are surprised to know that they were not taken in a studio. When can we take pictures again?

Nan said...

What a great compliment! These are all gorgeous pictures!